Where have I been?

Where oh where have I been? You may have been wondering that. Let's see, school let out, the kids are home for the summer and I decided to take a break for 2 weeks. Sort of. Well I did for the most part. I mean orders still came in that I had to fill and ship, but for the most part I did my best (the best any business owner can do) and stayed mostly out of the office (studio) and played with the kids. Some necessary fun is always good for you. So after 2 weeks at the beach, on our favorite island, on the boat and in the pool, I am back with tons of ideas, a re-charge of motivation and a tan I am hoping won't age me too much.

Up today is a new line of fabulous cozy and gorgeous Textured Quilts. Modeling my favorite one, is Alexa, the adorably cute daughter of my best customer and biggest fan Alessandra. I know the baby is just edible, but no, she is not for sale. If she was well, let's just say I would take her (remember I have boys)! However, the blanket is and you can find it right here! These blankets are full of texture, something babies crave and actually need to develop their senses. These Textured Quilts come in a few different sizes from mini lovey sizes to full crib quilts and nap blankets. All are of course handmade and double washed for softness and to give it that textured frayed quality. Look for many new styles to come in the next few weeks.

These Textured Quilts make a fabulous baby shower gift or gift for yourself. They are great to take on road trips, cozy to take on your next flight and are just as wonderful placed on the floor for tummy time!

As always I love to hear your comments so if you have something to say, please do!

See you tomorrow & Happy Summer!
Kristen :)

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