Handmade Baby Poof

KJ my stepson, came to me with a drawing of Baby Poof and asked me to make him out of fabric. It came out pretty cute and we had a lot of fun making him.  We took a plate and traced it onto two pieces of natural hemp fleece. We then cut out 2 half circles from some purple fabric.  We sewed the purple fabric to the hemp fleece, made some arms and legs and embroidered a cute little nose and mouth.  We then made some eyes, sewed them on and stitched up the front to the back and stuffed him.  It only took us about 30 minutes.  I hope you enjoy watching the video!  If 
Want something made?  Send us a picture and we will see what we can do!  


As seen on the View!

December 19th (that's tomorrow YIPPEE) The View (ya know the show with Barbara Walters) will be featuring the Doodlebugz Crayola Chalkmats!  They are very practical, cool and will keep your little ones busy while they wait for dinner.  We love these because they are reasonably priced and come with everything you need. Take them to the restaurant or any meal out, use them at home while cooking to keep them busy.  They come in many colors so everyone will have their own, no need for fighting.  We love them and think that you will too and don't forget to watch The View!  They also go hand and hand with our My Little Crayon Roll-up another one of our favorite items to keep the kiddos creatively occupied!

Superhero Capes

My favorite customer and friend, Ale wanted me to make her son Maxx and daughter Alexa some cool superhero capes. It is going to be their Christmas gift to one another.  It was a really cute idea, especially since Maxx really is a superhero.   After all, he did save his little sister from running out the door and down the street by herself!  That definitely make him a hero, and I think a hero deserves a special cape. So, that was my project for the day.  I think they came out pretty cute.  What do you think?  Feel free to comment.  Like I've said before I will make anything, so if you want something, just ask!  I can do custom orders of just about anything and I really enjoy it!


Quality Time with my kids

I am an avid reader. I love to read and I know how important reading is, especially to children.  A great way to spend time with your kids is to read to them or with them.  My boys are 8 and 14 now, but still love for me to read to them.  Of course the books I read with them are different than when they were toddlers.  Now they are at the age that I can read classics like Huckleberry Fin or Tom Sawyer.  These books are amazing but not easy to get your child into unless that is, you read it to them.  We've already read those two so now we are reading another great book by Kate DiCamillo called The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  It is about Edward, a china rabbit who is very self absorbed and his owner a sweet girl by the name of Abilene.  Abilene loves Edward but Edward has a lot to learn about love.  We are only on chapter 9, we read a few chapters a night.  It is a great way to wind down after a busy day.  It's a really great way to transform the events of the day to a more calming and soothing time for you and your children.  It's especially nice for us this time of year when we cuddle up in our big arm chair by the Christmas tree and read.  Try it, it will be a lasting memory for both you and your child, guaranteed.  


I might be crazy but I don't care

Last weekend we attended a holiday charity event benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach.  It was a great night full of great food, drink, dancing & holiday cheer to raise money for a very good cause. Upon walking in, we saw him. The cutest little tiny baby beagle puppy in the arms of a young girl volunteering for the event.  Obviously this little pup was there for the live auction and when we laid eyes upon his cuteness we instantly fell in love.  Mind you, we already have two dogs and no desire to add a third but when that auctioneer started babbling his auctioneer chatter, something happened to my arm and it lifted high in the air!  My husband looked at me and I said "Is this ok?"  "It sure is" was his reply.  We were in love with that little beagle the two of us silly dog lovers.  After a few battles back and forth for the cutest auction item of the night, we found ourselves the lucky new owners of this beagle that we now call "Tebow".  We could not bring him home that night as he was only 5 weeks old and needed some more time with his mommy and brothers and sisters.  We did get to visit him yesterday though, to play with him, introduce our kids to him and let him know how we are anxiously awaiting his homecoming.  It would have made a great surprise Christmas present for my boys, but I just couldn't possibly keep such a precious little secret like that from them.  We pick him up on Sunday the 21st of December and I think he will bring some added joy to our home. I can't wait.... Isn't he cute?


Weekly Deal

More blabla kids items on sale!  This week only all blabla items are marked 10% off!  We figured since they are the most popular overall gift item for kids, we would run a special! Don't worry about entering any coupon codes because we have already marked them down to make things easy and there is still plenty of time to order for Christmas! 

Want to know the most popular gift for the ladies on your list?  Our Wristlet Key Ring also now on sale for $11.  Anyone with a set of keys will love one!  

Happy Shopping!

The Shopping-Mall-Free Holiday Shopping Gift Guide – Part Deux (Fab Children’s Gift Ideas)

We have some recent press from the Succulent Wife, who considers our Wristlet Key Ring a "favorite find"  check it out and do some shopping if you feel like it! There are some really great products and some discount codes too so take advantage of them and get some gifts for the holidays.

The Shopping-Mall-Free Holiday Shopping Gift Guide – Part Deux (Fab Children’s Gift Ideas)

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Black Friday Savings

Tons of merchandise temporarily marked down.  
More great deals:
  1. Buy any pair of BabyLegs and get a Free Wristlet Key Ring 
  2. Buy 3 Wristlet Key Rings get the 4th Free 
  3. Free Shipping on all orders of $100 or more
Avoid lines and stress and shop online!  It's safe and convenient and you can do it in your pajamas :)

Happy Thanksgiving!



I know I said I was doing all my holiday shopping online and I am, but I will have to venture out to Swoozies on December 4th from 8:00am-10am to help my nearest and dearest favorite charity the Place of Hope. Swoozie's will be donating 10% off all sales to The Place of Hope.

Place: Swoozie's - Downtown at the Gardens
Date: December 4, 2008
Time: 8:00 am - 10:00 am
Location: 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Avenue, Suite 4104, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410
P: 561.839.1808 | F: 561.839.1806 | PalmBeach@swoozies.com

What is the Place of Hope? It is a faith-based, family style child welfare organization that places children and sibling groups and other special needs ("hard to place") foster children in consistent, long-term care. The Place of Hope provides healthy family care, comprehensive case management, therapy and counseling, tutoring, mentoring, educational, physical and spiritual development, essential life -skills training, healing and restoration. Each cottage has professionally trained live-in cottage parents and no more than 6 children in each home. These parents devote their time, talents and energies to the children, creating a stable and structured traditional family setting. Although the courts determine the length of stay for each child, the Place of Hope provides a stable and loving family home for them until they either attain permanency (family re-unification or adoption) or are of age to live independently.
The A.B. Baby Boutique and my family are big supporters of this wonderful place and we encourage you to learn more about this organization. They are always in need of donations, tutors and mentors. Please consider helping the Place of Hope by shopping with us on Dec. 4th or in your own time. To learn more about the Place of Hope, please visit their website at http://www.placeofhope.com


I have converted

I’ve converted! I am now a Mac thanks to my wonderful husband who surprised me yesterday with an early Christmas present.   I am officially no longer a PC (not really officially just yet because I need to figure out how to use it for it to be “official”). My sneaky husband snuck out to my car before I left the office yesterday and hid it under my sweater on my passenger side seat!  I found it mid drive while still in my paranoia state from the traumatic incident last week.  I decided I was afraid driving around downtown with my purse visible on my passengers seat so when I grabbed my sweater to cover the purse there it was a cute and very slender MacBook complete with all the programs I need to do all the things I do!  This is also my first laptop as I have been using my hubby’s whenever I needed to be mobile. Now I will be able to get much more work done once I figure this thing out.  It is much different than a pc and I am quickly getting frustrated to say the least.  I want to instantly be able to do everything I want to do and I feel lost at this point.  I just may have to take up Amy or Andie’s offer to give me a tutorial.  Anyone switch to a Mac and have any advice?  I would love to hear your suggestions on where to start.  So far I have my email all set up and my phone and contacts all synched in but that’s about it.  

I also can’t wait to tell you about a very cool project and I am going to teach you how to do it. You will have to check back to find out but here is a hint….it involves a little bit of sewing and a pair of scissors but is very easy to do.


Weekly Deal...a little delayed

Thanks to my incident last week with the attempted mugging, it turns out I have some pretty bad injuries. It is amazing how your adrenaline can fool you and you don't feel the pain until later. I have an appointment with the Orthopedic for Friday to check out my neck, back and shoulder. I am pretty sure I tore something in my right shoulder and with all the poping and cracking I am hearing, I need it checked out. As far as the neck and back go I have never had so much pain. All because of a jerk who wanted to steal my purse (at lease he was unsuccessful at that).

Enough about my complaining and lets get right to our Weekly Deal. This week purchase any pair of BabyLegs (we have some great new styles in) and get a Free Wristlet Key Ring. All you have to do is purchase a pair of BabyLegs and when checking out just mention the key ring style of your choice and we will include one Wristlet Keyring for each pair of BabyLegs. So, if you get multiple pairs you get 1 Wristlet Key Ring for each pair. It's perfect, a little something for baby and a little something for Mom! It is a great opportunity to stock up on gifts! Our Wristlet Key Rings are the perfect gift for your girlfriends, teachers and neighbors. Anyone with a set of keys can use one and with 12 styles to chose from there is sure to be one for everyone!
Here are just a few of the newest styles of BabyLeg we have in stock with many more options to choose from:
So grab this deal while you can and get yourself something out of it too!


A warning to all women

I had an experience yesterday that I feel is extremely important to share. I come from a family of police officers, my dad, my brother, my brother-in-law and even my husband was a police officer before becoming an attorney. I am well schooled on protecting myself and being aware of my surroundings. I grew up with it! Yesterday these things didn’t matter. I was walking to my car after grocery shopping at 2pm.in the broad daylight with people all around. I was pushing my shopping cart carrying my purse on my shoulder tight with one arm on the cart and the other on my purse. I was just about to get to my car when I felt something hitting my leg. It all happened so fast I was not sure what was happening but I did know that a car was hitting me. Within a flash I found myself being dragged by the driver of this car. As he drove by he had reached his arm out the window and grabbed hold of my arm and my purse. I was being mugged while being dragged across the parking lot! Next thing I knew I was facedown on the pavement, shopping cart upside down and groceries scattered all over me. I tried to look up and get a license plate or anything to describe the car but he was gone. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to do anything! Somehow I held that purse because it was still on my arm when I hit the ground. I wasn’t trying to keep my bag I didn’t know what was happening. I thought I was being hit by a car!

Luckily a nice man sitting in his car saw the man drive off and was able to help me give a description of the car and the driver. Another man called 911 for me and a very kind lady put all of my groceries (what was left of them anyway) back in my car. I am so thankful that all I ended up with was some nasty roadrash and two very swollen very black and blue beat up knees. I am also thankful that my children were not with me and I am thankful and know that God was watching over me. Maybe if it hadn’t happened to me it would have happened to an elderly woman who wouldn’t have had the strength to get back up or worse. Thankfully I was able to handle the fall and make out alright.

This world is a scary place and getting worse every day. The economy is very bad and we are all feeling the pinch. Unfortunately some people choose to victimize others. With things the way they are and the holiday shopping season here we need to be extra careful! Thieves and thugs are out there and waiting to prey on anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Things I learned yesterday:

  • NEVER walk with your purse on the side where a car can drive by and grab it
  • Try to have someone with you when you go shopping (If I had let the bagger at Publix take the cart out for me this probably wouldn’t have happened)
  • Thank God for his protection each and every day

Things I plan to do to further protect myself:

  • Take photocopies of all my credit cards so that if I do get my purse stolen I can quickly call and report them all
  • Carry cash, credit card and driver’s licence in a pocket (don’t even carry a purse) so to not have anything visible to entice a thief
  • Do most of my Christmas Shopping online: I am too freaked out to shop in person right now and it does make things much easier.

What do I want you to do? Post this on your blog, link to it whatever. Tell all of your friends and family. It doesn’t hurt to be reminded to be on the lookout and it doesn’t hurt to take a few extra precautions to ensure your safety during the holiday season and anytime!

Be safe and be smart!


Great gifts for any mom

The holidays are nearly here and I have a few items that make great gifts for any mom or grandmom. I don't think I know a mom that doesn't like jewelry and no matter what their taste, we are sure to have something to suit.

For the Mom-to-be we have these adorable
It's a Boy or It's a Girl Little Birdie Pendant Necklaces. These square sterling silver pendants are sealed with a permanent glassy waterproof finish. The back can be engraved with up to 3 lines of text in one of 6 different engraving fonts. Perfect for engraving a monogram, name or your own special message. It's a great way to answer the question "What are you having?" without actually having to say anything.

Or how about a more classic look like the Mother and Baby Pendant Necklace also in Sterling Silver and available in 2 chain lengths. This precious silhouette of mother and child is crafted in high polish sterling silver and dangles gently from a dainty sterling silver curb chain. Simply sweet!

More than one child? No worries you can sport the Parents with 2 Children Pendant. This darling family pendant features 2 loving parents standing with their 2 children. Crafted in high polish sterling silver and dangles gently from a dainty sterling silver pendant rope.
Want to see more jewelry? Click here to view our entire jewelry department! Check back with us each day to see what is new!
Happy shopping and thanks for reading!


We have another winner....

We wanted to know how many of our readers were participating in the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt so we asked you to comment on our post and let us know how it is going. Each commentor was entered into a drawing for a Wristlet Key Ring and we have our winner! Brennan would you please pull a winner out of the coconut pirate?

And the winner is...................

twylabug! Congratulations twylabug, now all you have to do is go here and pick your favorite keyring and we will send it to you ASAP! Don't forget to email me your address so I know where to send it! Keep checking back because we have tons of giveaways in the works including a BIG one for an expectant Mom! Stay tuned...


We have a winner for the 1st What's Your Story drawing

Back in September we asked you to share your parenting and life as a Mom stories. We also told you that we will put all entrants names in a box and select a winner. Well with the help of my wonderful assistant Susy we have selected a winner.
And the winner is..................................

Kim I. with her touching story about her experience with co-sleeping. You can read Kim's Story Here. Congratulations Kim you are our first winner!

We still want your stories so please share! The next winner will receive a Magnetic Fridge Grid Pad to keep track of all of your families chores, appointments and activities. This handy pad has a magnetic strip to easily post up on your refrigerator. The undated 7 Colum Weekly Grid Pad comes with 52 weekly pages.

Some Useful Ways to Use the Fridge Grid Pad
  • Family Member's Routines & Activities
  • Home Projects
  • Meals
  • Personal Goals
  • Work Projects
  • Clients
  • Personnel
  • Lesson Planning
  • Family Chores


A.B. Baby Boutique on Facebook

We would like to invite you to join the A.B. Baby Boutique Group on Facebook! We will be doing additional giveaways and prizes from time to time on our facebook group so it certainly won't hurt to join! We would love to have you a part of it!
I hope to see you there!


Are you participating in the GCDH online scavenger hunt?

What is the GCDH and How Does it Work?
It’s simple! You register at http://www.diaperdecisions.com/pages/greatclothdiaperhunt.php Then you visit all the participating sponsor sites and hunt for the Diaper Decisions™ diaper icon, to earn entries to the 65 random prize drawings, including Two Grand Prizes and one Ultimate Grand Prize!For more details about this great event, please visit the Rules and FAQ pages at http://www.diaperdecisions.com/pages/greatclothdiaperhunt.php .
This is our 2nd year participating and we had a BLAST last go around. Leave me a comment and let me know if you plan to participate and if you registered. I will give away one wristlet key ring to a lucky winner.
See you at the hunt! .........don't forget to leave your comment to have a chance to win!


Berrie Sweet Picks...Picks our Wristlet Key Ring

We have recently recieved a great review from Pauline of Berrie Sweet Picks. She reviewed our Wristlet Key Ring Accessory and loved it! So we have agreed to do a Contest along with her blog! We will be giving away 5 Wristlet Key Rings. All you have to do is go to Berrie Sweet Picks blog and leave a berrie (a comment) telling them what pattern is your favorite. Contest ends at Midnight on Nov. 1st so head on over and check it out! Thanks Pauline and I look forward to working with you again in the near future!


This weeks weekly deal is FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. Orders at the A.B. Baby Boutique. Click the banner above to start shopping and don't forget to use the code when checking out. It's a great time to use code to save on shipping for that holiday shopping! Check back every Monday to see the current Deal of the Week!


It's time for the scavenger hunt

It’s that time again! We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the Eighth semi-annual Great Cloth Diaper Hunt™! How does the GCDH work? It’s simple! You register at http://www.diaperdecisions.com/pages/greatclothdiaperhunt.php on or after October 15, 2008. Then you visit all the participating sponsor sites and hunt for the Diaper Decisions™ diaper, to earn entries to the 65 random prize drawings, including Two Grand Prizes and one Ultimate Grand Prize!For more details about this great event, please visit the Rules and FAQ pages at http://www.diaperdecisions.com/pages/greatclothdiaperhunt.php . See you at the hunt!


When is your due date?

Tell 'em when your due with one of these super cool Due Date necklaces from Go Belly Go. Each necklace is made of polished nickel and strung on an 18" sterling silver chain. Each necklace is adorably packaged in a keepsake tin. A staple item to wear every day as the belly blooms. After the baby arrives,engrave a special message on the back for Mom like baby's name and birthdate!


Saving Money: Keep those fruits and veggies fresh

I love fresh vegetables and fruit. We have a great produce market nearby with really low prices on locally grown fruit and veggies. When they opened I realized how much money I would save if I purchased all of our fruits and veggies at the market instead of our usual large chain grocery store. Unfortunately alot of those veggies went to waste if we didn't eat them fast enough, so the whole idea of saving money was well, just a good idea. Until my mother-in-law introduced me to Debbie Meyers Green Bags.
They really work and I love that I can buy all my veggies for the week and know that if we don't cook them right away we can have them the next week.
How they work
The bags absorb the ethelyne gas that is released by the food, which prevents the gas from staying in the fruit, and thus helping your food stay fresher longer.
How to use them
Produce should be DRY before placing in bag. Simply place fresh produce in bags and wash/rinse produce as usual before use. If storing washed produce, be sure to dry thoroughly before inserting in bag. Use one bag for each type of produce. For instance, use a bag for apples, another one for lettuce, another one for pears, etc. Fold over the top of the bag---do not use twist-ties as they make holes.
You can even use them for fresh cut flowers by placing the arrangement in a bag or by placing the bag over the top of the flowers while in a vase.
Where to buy
You can pick your Debbie Meyer's Green Bags up at Target or WalMart for $9.95. They come in a box of 20 and best of all, you can wash and re-use them!
These bags get my vote!


Baby Wearing is NOT just for Hippies

You can wear them on your hip, but slings are not just for the modern day Hippy. Slings keep baby close promoting a stronger bond between Mom and Baby.

Just in....

Organic Hemp Sling in Buttermilk
This pretty, cream colored sling is a fashionable solution to your baby carrying needs. Fashioned from 55% Organic Hemp and 45% Tencel, it is stylishly hip and utterly soft, an ideal combination for savvy moms. The simple, adjustable rings allows for easy and quick modifications, while its durability gives peace of mind. This remarkable baby sling is the only one you will ever need because it grows with your baby. Due to its superior design, you can use this sling for the first three years of your child's life, up to 35lbs, safely.

Momma Earth Organic Hemp Sling

You'll feel like a queen wearing this luxurious, olive solid colored Organic Hemp and Tencel baby sling. Fabricated from 55% Organic Hemp and 45% Tencel, this sling is the perfect balance of comfort and durability. Through the use of toxin-free, mold resistant Hemp and wood-pulp derived Tencel, Pretty Momma Sling has created a remarkably sleek, resilient, and baby safe sling. But that's not all; this sling gets softer with use and is very comfortable to wear in high temperature/humidity environments due to the fabric's natural ability to breathe

Winnie Print Organic Mei Tai
Beautiful and functional the "Winnie" Mei Tai is made from 100% organic materials. Organic natural colored hemp & certified organic cotton body & straps.
55% hemp/ 45% certified organic cottonCarrier body lined with organic cotton fleece.Prints are Organic Cotton as well.


This Weeks Weekly Deal is...

15% off the entire store! Simply enter voucher code: fall08 when checking out to have a 15% discount applied to your order. Looking for something special? Just let us know how we can help you find that perfect product!

We still want to hear your stories and parenting experiences...

We have created a place where moms alike can share and read about these times in a way to help and encourage one another during this journey we call parenthood. We are looking for all types of stories from the most challenging and trying times to the silly and lighthearted. Each entry enters you into a Product Giveaway or Reward! If you have a story to share, send to kristen @ abbabyboutique.com. The first giveaway will be held soon so get your stories in to qualify!

To read some of our current submissions click here.


You can give a Mammogram for FREE

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month? The Breast Cancer site (www.breastcancersite.com) is having it's 6th Annual Pink giving away Challenge! What this means is if they get 500 clicks during the month of October their premeir sponsor, bare necessities is going to fund an additional 200 mammograms to help women get the care they need. All you need to do is visit the breast cancer site and click on the click to give button. Tell just 10 friends about this and encourage them to do the same. I did and I hope you do too, it only takes a second!


Weekly Deals 10% off My Little Seat Travel Highchair

The My Little Seat Travel High Chair is perfect for to take along on your travels this holiday season or to give as a gift. Take advantage of 10% off on this item this week only! Available in 6 different fabrics to suit your individual style.
What is it?
This sling style travel baby seat is a compact fabric travel high chair that folds down to the size of a diaper in its own matching bag! Mylittleseat has 4 ties and 2 harness straps to help secure even the most energetic tots! For babies who can sit up unassisted and for older toddlers who need a bit more security when sitting in a chair.
Mylittleseat is perfect for ages 6-30 months. Max 35 lbs.

When and where can I use it?

  • restaurants & cafes
  • grandma's house
  • eating in un-baby friendly dining places
  • friend's homes
  • traveling
  • at your own table


Have you noticed?

Have you noticed?
Each week we have been putting a different brand on sale. Last week was $1 off any pair of BabyLegs, the week before Blabla items were on sale and yikes we are practically all sold out of those! This week all Kristen Lemoine Designs products are 15% off. Sale is on until Wednesday October 1st! So come on over and take advantage of this 1 week special deal. We plan on continuing our weekly "Deals and Steals" so check back often and sign up for our newsletter to get these special offers delivered directly to your mailbox!

Happy Shopping,

Kristen Lemoine

Owner, Artist & Mom


What is your story?

The A.B. Baby Boutique is looking for your stories about being a parent for a new resource section of our website. We know that parenting can be both rewarding and challenging and therefore, we are creating a place where moms alike can share and read about these times in a way to help and encourage one another during this journey we call parenthood. We are looking for all types of stories from the most challenging and trying times to the silly and lighthearted. We will be launching this new section in the coming weeks and will be offering giveaways and rewards for your stories.

Here is how you can share your story

Simply Email your story to Kristen@abbabyboutique.com. If you wish to remain anonymous, please note that at the top of your email. We are looking for real life stories, by real Moms and Dads that you are willing to share on our website. By sending your story you will be entered into the weekly or monthly drawing. We will welcome as many stories as you wish to share. Each story will be given a number (in order of entry received) and this number will be placed in a hat to be drawn at random. Each week or month (depending on the prize) a new group of prizes will be presented for the winner to choose from.

Here is a list of categories to help you get some ideas and please feel free to come up with your own ideas as well:

Accomplishments, Adoption, Attachment Parenting, Autism, Co-Sleeping, Baby Wearing, Blended Families, Breastfeeding, Challenges, Cloth Diapering, Elimination Communication, Fatherhood, First Day of School, Finding a Babysitter, Nanny, Grandparents, Home Schooling, Loosing the Baby Weight, Loss, Milestones, Miscarriage, Multiples, Parenting, Post Partum, Potty Training, Pregnancy, Raising Pre-Teens/Teens, Step Parenting, Trying to Conceive, Vacationing with the Family, etc.

We look forward to reading and sharing your stories and hope that these stories will touch one another and make us all smile and help one another in difficult or troubling times.

All the best,

Kristen Lemoine,
Owner, Artist & Mom
A.B. Baby Boutique


The Great Crayon Caper

We are proud to partner up with What's Hot For Tots for a great cause! We are collecting crayons. We do not want new crayons but rather your old broken ones.
Let us explain:
In an effort to put a crayon in every kid's hand and not the landfills, we are embarking on the Great Crayon Caper. Our mission is simple, take old unwanted broken crayons and bits of crayon and restore them to brand new and place them in the hands of every little budding Picasso. There are currently 4.7 million children in the US alone with learning disabilities (Source: CDC).
Here's how you can help:
During the month of September, sign up to be a part of our Crayon Caper Crew and What's Hot For Tots will reward you with their signature color crayons {pink & brown} and fun activity coloring book along with another great prize. For the person referred by us who sends in the most crayons, we will award you with our My Little Crayon Roll-Up filled with brand new Crayola Crayons,but be sure to note AB BABY in the "How did you hear about us" section to be entered to win.

Collecting crayons is a family affair; a great way for kids to be introduced to the concept of recycling. So sign up here and we will send you a postcard explaining how and where to send your crayons. We will have your crayons melted down and transformed into shiny new chunky crayons that are the perfect size for little hands. These crayons will be donated to schools, hospitals and care centers.
Fast facts about crayons
Q: What are basic ingredients of a crayon?
A: Pigment {color} & paraffin {wax}
Q: How long does it take a crayon to decompose in a landfill?
A: Forever. Wax is non-biodegradable.
FYI: In the last 97 years, over 100 billion Crayola® crayons have been made.
Thank you for your support in bringing Crayola Crayons to kids who need them and helping the earth!

All the best, Kristen Lemoine
Owner, Artist & Mom A.B. Baby Boutique


Why We Love Oilcloth

What is Oilcloth? Originally, oilcloth was cloth treated with oil or other substances used to be to be a waterproof barrier for fishermen's and sailors' wear, for coach robes and covers, and later as a floor covering, called floorcloth. Now we use oilcloth for tablecloths, smocks, lunchbags and bibs. This versatile fabric can be easily wiped off with soap and water making it perfect for children's items.
Now in stock from Babyjakes are these great bibs made with oilcloth. Choose from Gingham, Pink Paisley and Forever Prints.

Or maybe your budding artist would like one of the oilcloth smocks available in Forever Yellow
or Forever Pink. These smocks will enable your child to explore with any messy creation, whether painting, pretending to cook, molding playdoh, etc., this smock will withstand it all! Just the right size for ages 2-8. Wipe away those messy hands & tackle the next creation!

Another great product with a great price are these oilcloth Lunch Sacks to school for lunch or snack time. Don't worry about spills, they wash clean instantly. Just put under faucet and rinse! Available in 5 eye-catching prints and are fun and unique for school age children and toddlers.
Whatever your needs, oilcloth is making a huge comback in everyday items modern Moms and kids can put to use!

Now you can read our archives

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Let the Kids Cook

"I'm Bored!!! I'm Bored!!!" Is that what you are hearing right about now? I am sure you are! Summer is nearing the end and there is only so much you can do with the kids to keep them occupied! It is inevitable that there are days that you will just have to stay home!

When the kids are begining to get bored and you have run out of activities
to do you can always do a cooking project together. Today Brennan and I
decided to make a pizza using the "Kids Pizza Making Kit". It is really simple and it comes with everything you need to make a pizza like the dough mix, rising yeast, pizza sauce, a pan, a wooden spoon for mixing, a wooden rolling pin, ryhming recipe and re-usable plastic bag with handles. Be prepared to add a few ingredients like cheese and topings though as the kit does not include those items. We opted to use our own tomato sauce instead of the packaged one included in the kit. For toppings we used swiss cheese, feta cheese and parmesan cheese and topped it off with onions! Yes, I know my son has unusual tastebuds for a 7 year old he loves to eat onions raw! EEK. But you can put whatever yummy topings your tummy desires! It is a super easy cooking project that will occupy your little ones for a nice amount of time and best of all they get to eat it when they are done.
We suggest starting this cooking project around 10am as the dough needs time to rise (45 min) and then an additional 15 min (once in the pan) plus cooking time. We figure that if you start then, your pizza will be ready in time for lunch!
We love the Kids Pizza making Kit and give it a thumbs up. Best of all, it is on sale for only $15 while supplies last!

Or try one of these other cooking kits:




Save 15% off our entire store including all regular and sale items. To take advantage of this discount use code:


Discount expires July 18, 2008


Elimination Communication

A dear friend of mine is expecting her baby girl possibly sometime next week. She called me to ask for some help in designing some underwear in newborn size. I potty trained both my boys at an early age (but not this early) by using regular underwear with them instead of the pull-ups. She plans to try to teach potty training from the day of birth and does not wish to use diapers at all if she can master this technique. This is very new to me and I believe it is called Elimination Communication??? She informed me that for a window of time in early infancy a baby can learn to control their bowels by alerting the parent of discomfort. She fears that with diapers and the way they are made today with the ultra absorbancy and all this makes learning to potty train more difficult because the child does not realize they have the discomfort at the initial time the diaper is soiled and thus has a harder time associating the discomfort with the actual soiling. After all they know how to let us know that they are uncomfortable by crying or fussing.

I think it takes a really disciplined parent to attempt this. I wish I could say that I would try it but in all honesty, I think I would quit or lose my mind trying! I would love to hear success stories or stories of unsuccessfulness, opinions and comments. I find this a very interesting topic and would love for comments!


New Book to Empower Girls


A contemporary fairy tale for all ages, Princess Bubble was written to reduce the overwhelming sense of failure, self-doubt, and despair that some single women face during wedding celebrations. Princess Bubble stars a princess who is confused by the traditional fairy tale messages that say she must find her “prince” before she can live “happily ever after.” Princess Bubble dons her “thinking crown” to research traditional fairy tales, interviews married girlfriends, and even takes counsel from her mother, who advises her to sign up at FindYourPrince.com. With a little help from her fairy godmother (this is still a fairy tale after all), Ms. Bubble discovers that “living happily ever after” is not about finding a prince. “True happiness,” the book reveals, “is found by loving God, being kind to others, and being comfortable with who you are already!”


The Princess Bubble message, cleverly articulated by former Delta flight attendants Susan Johnston and Kimberly Webb, seeks to find an alternate ending to “happily ever after” and change the notion that life begins and ends with finding your Prince Charming. Looking to bolster the poor self-esteem of female youth and the stigma that many single adult women carry, Johnston and Webb believe“this is a book for women of all ages, a story they can believe in and share with their children.” In upcoming adventures, Princess Bubble will travel to distant lands where the knowledge of every new culture will enrich her flourishing life.

This book makes the perfect gift for any girl and a great baby shower gift too! Get your signed autographed copy today for only $11.99 at the A.B. Baby Boutique!


For the creative designers and Dr. Marten Fans

Remember Dr. Martens? Well if you grew up in the 80's and 90's I am sure you do! They are having a cool contest for those of you that like to design things. Us artsy folk like that stuff. You can use your talents to create a design for Dr. Martens next boots! This is your chance to show the world your talent. Choose your canvas: the 8-hole or the 14-hole boot. They have tools right there for your use. Use pens, use paint, use whatever. Use your imagination. Dr. Martens provided some tools on their site. Or if you want, you can use your own.

They will have two winners! One voted for by the people. The other chosen by a panel of industry insiders. You enter it. Dr. Martens will make them. You'll see them in shops. Worldwide. http://www.dmbootdesign.com


How do you wear your BabyLegs?

How do you wear your BabyLegs? Brennan loves his BabyLegs for his arms to keep them warm at school (they always have the ac on full blast) but also to add some style to his polo shirts. We would love to see how you wear your BabyLegs! To promote the big SEW GOLDEN BabyLegs promotion we are going to be giving away a FREE pair of BabyLegs. Then in the upcoming months, we will be asking you to send us your photos of how you wear them (which will be another big giveaway hint hint)! Here is how you can win:
  • If you have a blog, post a link to our Sew Golden BabyLegs Promotion seen here and tell them how they can win. Be sure to let us know by commenting with a link to your blog!

Winner will be announced the first week in July! See more info below or click here.

We look forward to your comments and good luck!

The Perfect Baby Travel Seat

Where were these when my kids were little? This travel seat is a must have for this summer! Don't leave home without it! Mylittleseat is the perfect compact baby seat for traveling. Whether you are just going to grandmas house or out do dinner this super cute seat will make your life easier. It folds down to the size of a diaper and comes with its very own matching bag. With six very cool fabrics to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your style. Mylittleseat has 4 ties and 2 harness straps to help secure even the most energetic tots! For babies who can sit up unassisted and for older toddlers who need a bit more security when sitting in a chair.
Mylittleseat is perfect for ages 6-30 months. Max 35 lbs.
Mylittleseat is perfect for:

  • restaurants & cafes
  • grandma's house
  • eating in un-baby friendly dining places
  • friend's homes

This gets a 10 out of 10 from us and should definately be on every babyshower gift list!



Are you a fan of BabyLegs? If not, you should be! Specially marked packages of BabyLegs are randomly stuffed with prizes! BabyLegs are not just for babies as a matter of fact they fit up to age 10+! Wear them on your arms at any age for a hip look! BabyLegs are made of a very soft blend of 80% cotton, 15% polyester and a 5% spandex.

What else is great about BabyLegs?

They make diaper changing a breeze
Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces when crawling
Keep legs warm year round
Provide lightweight sun protection
Make EC'n & Potty Training easier
Jazz up any dance class
Make a fun fashion statement with styles for every occasion
Have fun with them and wear then on your arms
Fits newborn to 10+ years old

How can you resist them? Shop with us from June 1-July 31st and you could win a Grand Prize Trip to Seattle or prizes from the following brands:

  • See Kai Run
  • WooBee
  • SaraBear
  • Vintage Onesie
  • Brain Candy
  • Molly Bibs
  • Moby Wrap
  • Belle Baby Carriers
  • Four Peas
  • BabyLegs & More


Happy Monday

It's the Monday Morning Update! Good Morning everyone!

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt
WOW, if you haven't gotten in on the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, you gotta give it a try! There are some really great prizes to win and a lot of great stores to see! I am getting an unbelievable amount of traffic and best of all I am getting to meet a lot of great Moms in the process!

Looking to decorate your baby girl's Nursery?

We are currently taking pre-orders for this absolutely gorgeous bedding set featuring the popular pink and brown nursery colors, this 4 piece baby crib bedding set is sweet and stylish! Designed by renowned children's interior designer, Sherri Blum, it features her beautiful bird's nest artwork within the embroidered panels throughout the bedding and coordinates perfectly with several of her nursery wall canvases and clocks. The 4 piece set includes: bumper pads, crib sheet, crib skirt and quilt. Valance, toss pillow, clock and artwork sold separately.

Feedback has already been incredible. Jeez it is just too bad I have all boys! I really love this set!


If you have purchased items from us before, we would love to see yourself or your little cuties wearing or using one of our products! We would love to include customer photos and comments on our website! Please send photos and contact information to kristen @ abbabyboutique.com (omit spaces please).

A Look ahead to next month

I cannot believe April is gone and now we are in MAY! Time sure does fly! I am looking forward to summer and spending more time with the boys. Here is something else to look forward too. If you are a fan of BabyLegs (who isn't right?) Check back in June for the BabyLegs Sew Golden Promotion. From June 1,2008 to July 15, 2008 look for winning tickets inside specially marked packages of BabyLegs including a grand prize trip to Seattle and prizes from:

  • See Kai Run
  • Mally Bibs
  • Wobee
  • Moby Wrap
  • SaraBear
  • Belle Baby Carriers
  • Vintage Onesies
  • Four Peas
  • Brain Candy
  • BabyLegs
That sums it up for today! Make it a great one!


It is time for the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt

Diaper Decisions Great Cloth Diaper Hunt

It’s that time again! We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the seventh semi-annual Great Cloth Diaper Hunt™!How does the GCDH work? It’s simple! You register at http://www.diaperdecisions.com/pages/greatclothdiaperhunt.php on or after April 15, 2008. Then you visit all the participating sponsor sites and hunt for the Diaper Decisions™ diaper, to earn entries to the 65 random prize drawings, including Two Grand Prizes and one Ultimate Grand Prize!For more details about this great event, please visit the Rules and FAQ pages at http://www.diaperdecisions.com/pages/greatclothdiaperhunt.php . See you at the hunt!


Big Preggo Belly in the Way?

Tired of ruining your maternity shirts and outfits when you sit down to eat a meal?
Keep your clothes free of the inevitable spills and drips that somehow end up on your expanding belly! The Belly Bib is perfect to keep in your purse to cover that glorious belly during lunch, dinner, or anytime!

Belly Bib will pay for itself by saving you in dry cleaning bills in just a few short uses. Assorted colors and fabrics, fun styles for great mommies-to be! No more embarrassing stains on your belly after your lunch break!
One size fits all! Made in the USA

Meet the Mom Behind the Product!

The Big Belly Bib was created by Suzy Prenovost after finding a real need to protect her clothing during her third trimester. Suzy lives in Seattle and is a wife and working mother of two boys with a third on the way. She was frustrated after dripping and spilling practically everything she ate on herself, whether it was the klutzy stage of pregnancy, or just the fact that her projecting belly was a prime target for spills! She solicited the help of Kristen Lemoine, a good friend of Suzy’s sister, and together they designed the Belly Bib! Kristen is an awesome designer and uses such quality fabrics, she sent Suzy the first Belly Bib which she used every day and got great feedback from other Moms who had the same problem when they were pregnant ! So they decided to form a partnership and launch the Big Belly Bib. Suzy and Kristen hope you love the Belly Bib much as they do and your expensive maternity clothes will thank you!!
Tell us what you think of this product and you could win one (but only if you comment)! Hint Hint Contest to come...


Nursing Just Got Easier!

Milk Bands Nursing Bracelets are the latest solution for breastfeeding mothers who desire to keep an accurate nursing log of their baby's feeds without the hassles of nursing logs, safety pins or bracelets being switched from side to side.

Milk bands were specifically designed to conveniently provide the feeding information of an infant to the nursing mother all on one wrist!

  • Milk Bands incorporate many unique features such as a side indicator, which lets the mother know which breat should be used when starting a feeding session by simply fllipping the Milk Band inside out once during every nursing session as well as a time tracking device which can be used for many different purposes:

  • Record a single feeding session to the nearest 5 min increment
  • Record multiple feeding sessions over a full day period
  • Record the number of times the baby fed in one day
  • Record the number of diapers a baby soiled in one day
  • Remind the mother what time the baby last fed
  • Reminding the mother roughly what time the baby is due for the next feeding

About the Mom behind the product

Milk bands were invented in January of 2005 by Jenny Pierce a young mother of two children.
"I had decided that I wanted my babies to be breastfed and after having a few setbacks breastfeeding my firstborn, I was anxious to try with my second which turned out more pleasant. But, due to lack of sleep, not being educated enough on breastfeeding and unable to find a decent way to track what side, what time or how long they would breastfeed (my babies were "on demand" feeders) it became frustrating for me. I was not looking forward to breastfeeding my next child until I had a logical solution to some of my breastfeeding problems. One night in January of 2005 my sister-in-law called me very upset with the same issues I had faced while nursing and not wanting her to stop breastfeeding I was determined to come up with something and the idea of Milk Bands was born. Milk Bands has already benefited my friends and family and I know that it will help you!"


Get Personal with your gift giving

There is nothing that compares to purchasing an item that is handmade! So much love and heart goes into the creation of a handmade item. With our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, things tend to get so fast paced that sometimes the gifts that we give are just whatever we had time to pick up! Hand written letters are replaced by emails and personal phone calls to our loved ones are often replaced by emails as well. So imagine the joy when you give a handmade gift! It becomes so special because well, it stands out amongst the mass produced, manufactured in China products.

When is the last time you received a handwritten letter? I bet it has been a while, so imagine a handmade gift and a handmade letter. I bet the recipient would feel very appreciated. So let's start a trend and step back and make things more personal again.

Here are a few of our favorites:

For Moms

For Dad

For a new baby
For the older child


Luxurious & Fun

We are so thrilled to introduce Baby Jakes, new to the A.B. Baby Boutique. Baby Jakes products combine luscious fabrics with stylish and innovative designs that are baby tested and mommy approved for functional and fashionable wear. Must-have items for cool, celebrity moms, and recently featured on KGTV San Diego’s “Hot Products for Mom’s” segment, Baby Jake's will soon add a playful line of maternity clothing to its unique brand! Whether you are looking for a luscious baby gift for the new baby in your life like these Monogrammed Poodle Shag Blankets .

Maybe you are looking for a little something to make Mom's life easier like this fabulous Diaper/Wippe Holder/Changing Pad/Clutch.

Be prepared for any occasion with this trend-setting changing pad clutch. Simply unfold, pull out diaper and wippees from the pocket, change baby on the wipeable vinyl pad and close! No more public changes without coverage and no bulky bag. Quick and convenient, our changing pad folds up into a smart, on-the-go, retro clutch with carrying handle. Who would have thought diaper changing could be so chic and convenient? Available in 5 different fabric choices sure to fit any personality!

How about a little Couture? These Satin Blankets are available in Pink or Blue. These blankets will keep the hippest babies snuggled up in a double-sided, classic Hawaiian print on a soft & fluffy poodle shag fabric. You'll love the easy care and super absorbency of these hand-selected materials bordered in a chocolate satin ruffle. Warm fuzzies and pleasing colors will give your little one a calming sense of security whether he's on the go with mommy, or melting into his dreamy, cotton candy wonderland.
Est. size: 36X 32.
With many great products to choose from, Baby Jakes is guaranteed to be a hit with any Mom or Baby!

Get a free Wristlet Key Ring with any Baby Jakes Purchase by typing Key Ring in the comment section when checking out!