Upcoming Trunk Show March 25th

Click on the Invite to RSVP for our Spring Trunk Show March 25, 2007 Abacoa, Jupiter Florida.

Will you be in the Palm Beach area this March 25th? Do you love to shop? Want to see all of our handmade items in person?

Join us for a day of shopping. See the latest in jewelry, handbags & baby items. Find the perfect stationary and gifts, and learn about exceptional photography (or have your own photography mini session on the spot) We will be offering special discounts and refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you and please bring your friends along!
Time: 10am-4pm
Place: Tuscany at Abacoa Club House
3524 GreenWay Drive
Jupiter, Florida
RSVP by March 19th
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Mothers Day and Fathers Day Gifts

If you are looking for an extra special gift for Mom this Mothers Day or Dad for Fathers day in June. Here are a few great options. The Photo Charm Collection, is a quality jewelry collection by haleyM. All pieces are of high quality sterling silver and some include gemstones. Dads will love the photo money clip or photo cuff links. Moms, well you have a lot to choose from. Here are my personal favorites, although I love them all:
When you place your order you will be contacted with the email address to send your photo. Color photos may be converted to black & white at no additonal charge. It takes about 2 weeks to get your piece so allow for enough time if you are giving as a gift for an upcoming occasion. Most of the pieces have the option of adding multiple charms and there a few different charm variations to choose from.

The recipient of any one of these great pieces will surely enjoy this gift for many years to come!


Keeping in Touch the Toddler Way

Keeping In Touch the Toddler Way

Being miles away from loved ones can make it more challenging for your toddler to get to know his or her family. If your child’s grandparents or favorite aunt lives too far for frequent visits, you can still help them establish a relationship. Keeping in touch can be simple and meaningful by taking four simple steps.

  1. Hang one of those ribbon boards in your child’s room. They have them for both genders, but boyish ones may be harder to find or you can create your own. Fill the board with photos of loved ones and then a few nights a week before bed, take time to hold your child close enough to see but not too close so that they can pull the pictures off the board. Then point to each one, name them and let your child know that particular person loves them. Example: Holding your daughter, Megan, point to a photo of Aunt Erika and say, “Megan, this is Aunt Erika. Aunt Erika loves you.” While you may feel like you sound silly, it is a wonderful way of mixing visuals together with the sound of your voice and the warmth of your hug. By putting all of that together, it does create an impact.
  2. Establish a pattern of vocal contact depending upon what you are comfortable with, such doing something once a week to focus on that relative. Perhaps every other week you can speak by phone and then the opposite weeks via your web cam. Creating a specific day and time that you try to always stick with helps.
  3. Choose another day when you and your child can focus on doing something for that person. It can be as simple as drawing a picture and practice writing skills by adding their name to it or you can go shopping for a small care package that you would like to send. Once every few months, make sure to include a recent photo of your child too.
  4. Purchase one of those purse size photo albums from the dollar store. Fill it with extra photo doubles and it will become something your child will want to look at every day. Take time to go over it with your child, name each person and reinforce the knowledge that they are loved by many people.

    If none of your relatives are close by, then dedicate each month to someone different. By following these short steps, when the time rolls around for a visit, your child will be quick to warm up to this now familiar loved one and it allows for deeper connections that can last a lifetime.

Exploring Nature with Your Children

Exploring Nature with Your Children

There isn’t anything like breathing in the fresh outdoor air. Taking your child along with you allows you to see everything for the first time all over again. Whether your big outdoor adventure is at a local park, a hiking trail or even your own backyard, there are so many things to explore and learn about.

Dress appropriately for your walk, bring plenty of water, some snacks and always remember to tuck in some wipes. If you are headed to a woodsy area, make sure to take a quick peek online to find out what, if any, plants you would need to avoid (such as poison ivy) and what they look like. Then grab a plastic bag to help carry home any souvenirs you pick up along the way. If you add in a camera, you will be all set to create a memorable day.

Along your walk, do not hesitate to allow your child to stop and touch, smell and exclaim “LOOK” about every two minutes. This is what it is all about. You can play the following learning games:

  1. Pick up two rocks and help her figure out which is heavier.
  2. Explore texture by showing him examples of smooth and rough stones.
  3. Find one short twig and one long twig to talk about length with your child.
  4. Have you children gather 10 leaves and then teach them sorting by color and type.
  5. Take those same 10 leaves and create a pattern (small, medium, large, small, medium, etc.).

Find a nice quiet spot to sit for a short break. Open your snacks and just enjoy the world around you. If your child is old enough, play the “I Spy…” game. If you have young ones, just talk about what you see: how tall one tree is compared with another, describe the weather, and even make up stories about the people you see walking by. Sometimes, we can have a tendency to not talk very much to children too young to carry a conversation back with us. It is important to do the exact opposite, even if you feel a bit silly at first. Every time you speak, you are teaching your child.

As you take your time walking back, it is a good time to pull out the camera. What parts of nature did your children become most excited about? Now you will have time to photograph your child with some of the different items that you worked with, such as the leaf pattern you created. If you try to take pictures in the beginning, you lose that sense of first experience with your child because the camera takes you out of the scene. While you do want to record your special days, concentrate more on taking natural shots later in the day when everyone is calmer and more willing to sit still for a few moments.

Top Toys for Two Year Olds

Top Toys for Two Year Olds

Does it feel like you have a mini-version of your local toy store right in your living room? You want your child to have great things to play with, but with the wide array of choices, it can be a challenge figuring out which ones would best benefit your two year old. As it is with many things in life, classics will always serve you and your child well.

It can sometimes be tempting when your child falls in love with a new TV show to run out and get all of the new gadgets to go along with them. Oftentimes these items have a tendency to wind up at the bottom of the toy chest and very rarely played with after the initial rush of having something new. If you are choosy in what you bring home, you will be teaching your child many life-long lessons in regards to commercialism, materialism and clutter.

Below are my top six suggestions for toys that are fun to play with and help in teaching your child age appropriately.

  1. Our own Alphabet Snail Puzzle click here
  2. Lego Blocks: Building towers for the sole pleasure of crashing them down is a favorite pastime for both boys and girls.
  3. View Master: Whether it is Disney Princesses or Dinosaurs, with perhaps some grown-up help in pulling the lever to turn the reel, your child will be fascinated.
  4. Doodle Pro: These come in large for the home and small size for the car. Encourage your child’s inner Picasso.
  5. Melissa & Doug Wood Puzzles: These little finger friendly puzzles appeal to both younger and older children. Make sure you check out the ones with sound also.
  6. Ride-on Activity Cars: There are many themes to choose from including Winnie the Pooh and Tonka Trucks. These are especially great when you have more than one toddler, such as twins. Children have a blast creating all the sounds and racing all around the house.

    It is easy to see why toys like these have been around for years. These six alone encourage creative thinking, motor skills and are just plain fun. They are must-haves that allow for hours of imaginative play and should definitely be part of your stash.

Finding a new pediatrician

After switching our health insurance company we recently found ourselves looking for a new pediatrician. This can be a real pain not to mention a dissapointment if you happened to really like the one you've had. It's tough finding a new pediatrician that both you and your child feel comfortable with.

There are some parents that are lucky enough to keep the same pediatrician that they have used since their child’s birth. There are times though that you may need to make a switch due to a move or a difference of opinion. Now that you are facing this challenge, what do you need to know to find the right doctor for your child?

Only you know what your particular needs are, but here are some questions to ask yourself before you get started on your quest:

How far are you willing to travel? Decide which towns you can get to easily and quickly get to in case you have to rush.
Do you want a male or female doctor? It may not matter to you, but take a moment to think about it to make sure.
Do you have any language needs? Perhaps you would be more comfortable with one that spoke Spanish in addition to English?
Are you interested in a pediatrician or a family practitioner? A pediatrician typically sees patients up to 18 years old and they specialize in childhood issues. Family doctors can see all of you and your child has the option of staying with that doctor long after they come of age.
Do you want a small practice where you always get to see the same doctor no matter what or a larger practice where they might be open later and offer weekend hours?
Do you have any hospital preference? Some doctors may only have privileges at certain ones.
Once you have narrowed it down by answering these questions, find out which ones take your insurance and make consultation appointments with at least three of them.

Once you have made your appointments, take time to actually write down the list of questions you have for them. Other items to take into consideration are:

What is your gut reaction to the doctor? Do you immediately feel at ease or intimidated?
How long have they been in practice? How does this affect your impression of him or her?
Discuss some of your family history. If you have some sensitive issues such as mental illness, smoking, substance abuse that need to be known as part of your child’s history, what is their reaction? Do you feel judged or are they open to your specific challenges?
What is your child’s reaction to the doctor? Does he or she warm up quickly to the pediatrician or are they uneasy?
How does the doctor interact with your child? Is the doctor ignoring him or her? Did he or she actually introduce themselves to your child? Did the doctor work to make the child as comfortable as possible?
What is their style? If you lean towards anti-medication, are they willing to work with you in learning about alternative treatments when feasible or are you always going to walk out with a prescription whether you think your child needs one or not?

These questions should give you the answers you need to make the best choice possible. You may also wish to research your finalists online and do other background checks to make sure there have been no serious situations that you make you uncomfortable. Remember, once you start seeing a doctor, if you become unhappy there is no reason for you not to find one that is more suitable.


Great website for bigger kids/teens

Boy #1 and I are both sick today so we are being sick together and just chilling out. We both did our shots of really horrible cough medicine and survived that. We are also both artists, so when we are sick it is a great time for us to just sit around and draw or paint. We both have a tablet for our computer, you know the one that you can draw with a special pen and your drawings and artwork go onto the computer screen. So while playing with his tablet this morning, boy #1 found a great website to draw on. But don't worry you can do it with a regular mouse as well you don't need to have a tablet. The website is called Line Rider and you draw a line or slope and bumps etc and then a little guy on a sled rides on your line! It is really cool. He just tried making a loop and the little guy goes up and around. He does end up getting stuck in it though. It is so cute and really neat. Go ahead and give it a whirl, it is quite entertaining. Don't be shy feel free to comment back to let me know if you enjoyed the little sled guy!


Read to your child

My boys are 12 and 6. Although they are both getting so big and growing up way too fast, there is still something I do with them every night. Since birth I have read to my boys as a part of their bedtime routine. Every night after the bath we snuggle up in bed and I read them a story. For my oldest son and then my youngest, I would read the book "Time for Bed". Each night beginning with the first night home from the hospital I would sit with baby in arms and a book. This routine has continued and has grown from cute picture books to classics like Tom Sawyer and chapter books. This week we finished a fantastic book called The Tale of Despereaux written by Kate DiCamillo. What an incredible writer! What a wonderful story! The book is about a mouse who was born too small and had ears that were "too big" in mouse standards. He was an outcast but was as smart as a whip and had a heart of gold. He didn't care what other mice thought and he followed his little heart. He was in love with music, stories and also a human princess by the name of Pea. His uniqueness got him into the world of trouble and was sent to the dungeon to be dealt with by the rats. This begins the adventure of the amazing mouse Desperaux. His courage and determination lead him to depths any other mouse would not ever dare to be. The author's descriptions paint the perfect picture in your mind. You feel like you are right there and she grabs your attention and you just want to read more and more! This is the perfect book to pick up for your child and the perfect way to start reading with him/her every night. I recommend this book highly, however not for children under 5. There are some parts in the dungeon that may frighten a child under 5. As I said, the author really paints a picture in your mind where you can practically visualize every detail!

Read to your kids! It is great for their imagination and it teaches them the joys of reading, especially for boys. Reading is wonderful and miles beyond the t.v. You just have to show them how great a book can be! It just may encourage them to write their own stories someday. So shut off the t.v. get comfy in your pajamas and cuddle up and dive in to a great book like The Tale of Desperaux.

Want to get books for free? Click here'.


Are you sure these are Maternity tops?

I couldn't believe these were maternity tops when I found them! Now, why weren't these around when I was pregnant? Best of all they can be worn after baby arrives too! We now have them available for purchase just pick your favorite rock star:

See our full collection of Maternity Fashions and great gifts in the A.B. Baby Boutique!


Launched a new line of bibs

Sometimes I just get carried away and forget the basics. Here are my new bibs. Each bib is treated with a water and stain repellant. They are easy to care for you just throw them in your next laundry load! After all, you are always doing laundry right? Snap closure and aren't they just pretty! So pretty! Feel free to pick one up here.

Peanut Butter Recall

Thanks to my friend Beth for passing this on to me. I will now pass it on to you! It was weird because I just ate a granola bar with peanut butter but it was Jif so I am sure I will live.

ConAgra Foods today announced that it has taken the precautionary measure of voluntarily recalling all varieties of Peter Pan Peanut Butter and Great Value Peanut Butter beginning with product code 2111 imprinted on the lid of both brands. ConAgra Foods is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to investigate a statistical report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that these products may be linked to the foodborne illness salmonella.

While this affects Great Value Peanut Butter beginning with product code 2111, there are other manufacturers of Great Value Peanut Butter that are not affected by this recall.
"Although none of our extensive product tests have indicated the presence of salmonella, we are taking this precautionary measure because consumer health and safety is our top priority," said Chris Kircher, spokesperson for ConAgra Foods. "We are working closely with the FDA to better understand its concerns, and we will take whatever additional measures are needed to ensure the safety, quality and wholesomeness of our products."
If consumers have this product, they should discard it, but save the product lid. For a full refund, consumers must return the Peter Pan Peanut Butter or Great Value Peanut Butter product lid along with their name and mailing address to ConAgra Foods, P.O. Box 57078, Irvine, CA 92619-7078.

Consumers with questions or concerns about the recall can call the 24-hour toll-free hotline at 866-344-6970. For more information about salmonella, visit www.ific.org.
ConAgra Foods Inc.
CAG is one of North America's leading packaged food companies, serving grocery retailers, as well as restaurants and other foodservice establishments. Popular ConAgra Foods consumer brands include: Banquet, Chef Boyardee, Egg Beaters, Healthy Choice, Hebrew National, Hunt's, Marie Callender's, Orville Redenbacher's, PAM, and many others. For more information, please visit us at www.conagrafoods.com. Contact Information: ConAgra Foods Inc. Media: Chris Kircher, 402-595-5392 or Analysts: Chris Klinefelter, 402-595-4154 www.conagrafoods.com
Copyright 2007 BusinessWire


Simple yet fashionable

I finally got my magnetic snaps in. I have been waiting for them so I could finish up a few of my clutches. The Earth Clutch is made of a dark chocolate raw silk on the outer with a great 70's style floral pattern on the interior. I appliqued 3 small leaf shapes on the front to give it a more casual feel. It is a perfect bag for lunch with the girls or pair it with a great pair of jeans for a funky look while out on the town. Clutch measures 13" across and 6" high (when closed).
Once I have the others photographed, I'll post more. In the meantime you can browse my boutique if you like.


How cool is this

While surfing the net (while I am supposed to be working, shh don't tell on me) I stumbled upon these interesting handbags so I thought I would share. This chick is located out of Washington, D.C. and makes handbags out of old books. Have you ever? These purses are definitely unique. She makes them out of real books and she says that is takes her about 8-10 hours to make each purse not including searching for books. She keeps all the pages and looks for books that have a good spine but with damaged pages. She also uses old textbooks or books that are out of date.

Got a new baby?

I absolutely love these. I wish I would have thought of them when my boys were little. But back then I was lucky if I had time to think. Not that I have time to think now, but being that this is what I do for a living, I am always in this creative mode. So I introduce to you a different approach to your typical wall hanging.
Got a new baby? Here is an adorable and clever way to let guests know that they should keep their voices down. Hang one of these adorable signs on baby's door! Handpainted and ready to hang with a coordinating striped grosgrain ribbon. So cute and makes a perfect gift! Available in two gender neutral styles.
Look for more to come and if you happen to want one custom made in your colors or style. Feel free to email me for a
custom creation. There is no extra charge, just give me a week or two at the most to
create one for you! Email me at kristen@abbabyboutique.com or purchase one of these ready mades in my boutique!

Must have for on the go

The Wristlet Key Ring is...

The must have accessory for safety & convenience while on the go. The Wristlet Key Ring slips onto your wrist allowing you to have immediate access to your keys while keeping your hands free. Not only is this key ring convenient while carrying groceries or the baby, it allows you immediate access to your keys or key less remote to safely enter your vehicle. How many times have you walked to your car & had to dig through your purse or diaper bag to locate your keys? We all need to be alert to our surroundings and free of distractions. The Wristlet Key Ring is smart, functional and totally fashionable. The key ring is available in 11 fabulous fabrics to match your personality and style. If your key ring gets dirty, throw it in the wash and lay flat to dry. Just remember to remove your keys first! Retail price is $10 and as with all orders placed at the A.B. Baby Boutique, shipping is FREE!

Makes a great gift!

For the artsy fartsy and shop-a-holics

One day I got an email from this site called "The Stylehive". I had no idea what this site was, but the email told me that someone entered one of my products into the "hive". Well, I was busy that day and did not get the chance to check it out. About a few days later I get another one of these emails. This time I took a look. Wow, it is a great concept! and double wow, Cool my products were picked by someone. This is a place where you come across THE COOLEST products and gadgets. It really opens your eyes and introduces you to some of the greatest stuff out there! It is also very cool to artsy fartsy people such as myself. How do I explain this site, heck lets just get it straight from them as they explain it better than I could:
"The Stylehive is new kind of website - a collaborative shopping community. It is a place where contributors can work together to share and discover the hottest stores, designers, trends, and must have products.
The Stylehive is a collection of all the best products, brands, designers and stores discovered and tagged by the Hive community.
The Stylehive is the unique product and vision of entrepreneur and CEO Michael Carrier. Michael has enlisted a talented team of technology and online shopping experts who are passionate about making it easier to find the most interesting products, brands, and designers on the web, while providing a simple way to save and share these finds with others.
Based in San Francisco, the Stylehive brings together the distinct worlds of technology and trendsetting fashion, shopping and online retail.
We’ve created tools that enable a community focused on amplifying the “buzz” factor in the online shopping world."
Super cool and you MUST check it out and while you are there, start your own hive! I did! Oh and it's a little confusing at first (at leat it was for me but heck I am a blonde).

Product Recall: Easy Bake Oven

Easy-Bake Ovens Recalled for Repair Due to Entrapment and Burn Hazards

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should immediately take the recalled oven away from children under 8 years of age and contact the firm for a retrofit with warning.

Name of product: Easy-Bake Ovens

Units: About 985,000

Manufacturer: Easy-Bake, a division of Hasbro, Inc., of Pawtucket, R.I.

Hazard: Young children can insert their hands into the oven’s opening and get their hands or fingers caught, posing an entrapment and burn hazard.
Incidents/Injuries: Easy-Bake has received 29 reports of children getting their hands or fingers caught in the oven’s opening, including five reports of burns.
Description: The Easy-Bake Oven is a purple and pink plastic oven that resembles a kitchen range with four burners on top and a front-loading oven. “Easy Bake” is printed on the front of the oven. Model number 65805 and “Hasbro” are stamped into the plastic on the back of the oven. The Easy Bake Oven is an electric toy and is not recommended for children under eight years of age. Ovens sold before May 2006 are not included in this recall.
Sold at: Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Target, KB Toys and other retailers nationwide from May 2006 through February 2007 for about $25.
Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should contact Easy-Bake between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET 7 days a week to receive a free retrofit kit with consumer warning. Caregivers should keep the Easy Bake Oven away from children under eight years of age.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Easy-Bake at (800) 601-8418, or visit the firm’s Web site at

Recalled: Graco® Contempo™ Highchairs

Graco Children’s Products Inc. Recalls to Repair Contempo™ Highchairs Due to Collapse HazardWASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall to repair the following consumer product.

Name of Product: Graco® Contempo™ Highchairs
Units: About 100,000

Manufacturer: Graco Children’s Products Inc., of Exton, Pa.

Hazard: The highchair can collapse if it is not fully opened and locked into place from the storage position prior to use. If the highchair collapses, a child occupying the highchair can be injured.
Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received 18 reports of the highchair collapsing. There has been one report of an 18 month old male who suffered a bruise on his foot. Additionally, there have been two reports of the highchair collapsing outside of the United States.
Description: The Contempo™ highchairs have an “A” frame design. The highchairs feature six height adjustment positions and three recline positions. The recalled highchairs have model numbers that begin with 3800, 3803, 3804, 3805, 3810 and 3811 followed by a three letter fashion code. Model numbers included in the recall include: 3800COU, 3800DRB, 3800FMT, 3800GGG, 3800GRM, 3800HEM, 3800JEN, 3800LEG, 3800MNS, 3800OWD, 3800SND, 3800TFE, 3800RIT, 3803HRL, 3804CNR, 3805BDA, 3810PEW, 3810PST and 3811PST. The highchairs were manufactured from October 27, 2005 through November 22, 2006. The model number and manufacturing date are printed underneath the snack tray of these highchairs.
Sold by: Babies “R” Us, Toys “R” Us, Target, Target.com, Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart.com, Burlington Coat Factory, Shopko, AAFES, USA Baby and various specialty retailers nationwide from December 2005 through December 2006 for between $100 and $130.
Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should contact the firm to obtain instructions on how to receive a free repair kit. Consumers can continue to use the highchair until the repair kit is received but must make sure it is fully opened first. Consumers should open the highchair until they hear a “click” which indicates the hub is locked into place.

Consumer Contact: For more information, contact Graco toll-free at (877) 445-1312 anytime or go to the firm’s Web site at www.gracobaby.com


How do I get my toddler out of diapers?

In every one of the moms groups I am involved with, this must be the number one question that comes up. I am by no means an expert on potty training, but I would like to share my own experience with it. I mean why not, it worked with both of my boys so might as well share my successful experience. Us moms all know by now that there is no "right" way to do it. There are definitely wrong ways to go about it as there are wrong ways to go about many things. I will not go into great detail of how "not to potty train" but will say this...kids are humans and not robots. Just as we as adults don't like to be told what to do, either do kids. You have to make them feel like they have some control over this adventure. This new experience of growing up from stinky wet uncomfortable nappies to joining the club of potty using folk can be challenging to say the least and the cause of a few messes and a few days confined to the home. If you have carpeting wall to wall this may cause more issues but fortunately I didn't have a home full of carpeting.
After trying the "musical potty" another great invention that causes one to use yet another set of batteries, and trying the treats in exchange for a successful go on the throne, I stumbled upon an idea that I thought just might work for us.
While boy #1 (I cannot use his name as he is on the verge of being a teen and this may be found by someone he actually knows God forbid! That would be like me kissing him goodbye when I dropped him off at school! The horror) anyway, as I was saying... While boy#1 at the age of 2, was jumping up and down in front of the t.v. watching with excitement as his favorite character Percy from Thomas the Train entered the screen I got the notion. This boy of who's name I cannot mention liked this engine from the island of Sodor so much that it just may help me to help him lose the stinking diapers. While he choo-choo'd around the living room I got ready for a trip to the store.
With diaper bag and boy#1 in tow we set out for our drive to the store all along discussing the idea of buying "big boy underpants". Now the whole while boy#1 was looking rather uncertain about giving up the dipes, I stressed that he didn't have to wear them if he really didn't want to. We would keep them in his drawer and when he was ready he could wear them. This is where he gets to feel like he can make his own decision. My plan was to get him so excited about the underwear that his decision would be to actually wear them. Luckily that was the outcome. If it had not been so, I would not be sharing this particular experience.
So, we pick up 3 packs of Thomas the Train underwear and although not every pair had Percy on it, they were all equally awesome in the eyes of boy#1. When we arrived in our driveway, boy #1 immediately began to undress right out in front of the house. Now this was going way better than planned obviously no coaxing needed here. Although I did not get to wash the new undies before he wore them which us moms know is normally the protocol, I knew he would survive.
I managed to get him in the house before he was totally nude. Now safely inside and boy#1 donned in his new attire I explained that if he had to go potty to use the bathroom. Big boy undies do not absorb like diapers and he would be all wet if he went in them. I explained he would probably have a few accidents and it was fine because we had 3 packs of the big boy choo choo train underwear. Accidents did happen throughout the day and it was OK with me and OK with him. (This is why I said earlier that things may get messy with carpet) At the end of day one boy #1 was getting the hang of this. He did not enjoy getting all wet every time he had to pee and realised that if he didn't make it to the potty, this would be the outcome.
By the end of day two I had one potty trained boy who was feeling so big! He was thrilled with his accomplishment as was I. "Big boy underwear" and "going on the potty like a big boy" was the main topic of conversation for some time. Miraculously he never wet the bed at night either, which I know is shocking. I guess he was determined. He had big boy Thomas the Train undies and he chose to wear them. Mommy was proud, he was proud! I suppose it suited him just fine to keep his bed dry!
Three years later came boy #2 and with boy#2 it worked like a charm except this time it was Bob the Builder.
So if you choose to follow my experience, find your child's favorite character undies, remember to give them a choice to try them out. Never force them to wear them. Of course you can cleverly convince them that it is "super cool" and "very big" to wear big kid underpants. Plan this experiment on a weekend where you can hang out at home and if you have carpets throughout rent a steam cleaner I suppose. Then please feel free to post your experience here! Even if it doesn't turn out as planned.