Handmade Baby Poof

KJ my stepson, came to me with a drawing of Baby Poof and asked me to make him out of fabric. It came out pretty cute and we had a lot of fun making him.  We took a plate and traced it onto two pieces of natural hemp fleece. We then cut out 2 half circles from some purple fabric.  We sewed the purple fabric to the hemp fleece, made some arms and legs and embroidered a cute little nose and mouth.  We then made some eyes, sewed them on and stitched up the front to the back and stuffed him.  It only took us about 30 minutes.  I hope you enjoy watching the video!  If 
Want something made?  Send us a picture and we will see what we can do!  


As seen on the View!

December 19th (that's tomorrow YIPPEE) The View (ya know the show with Barbara Walters) will be featuring the Doodlebugz Crayola Chalkmats!  They are very practical, cool and will keep your little ones busy while they wait for dinner.  We love these because they are reasonably priced and come with everything you need. Take them to the restaurant or any meal out, use them at home while cooking to keep them busy.  They come in many colors so everyone will have their own, no need for fighting.  We love them and think that you will too and don't forget to watch The View!  They also go hand and hand with our My Little Crayon Roll-up another one of our favorite items to keep the kiddos creatively occupied!

Superhero Capes

My favorite customer and friend, Ale wanted me to make her son Maxx and daughter Alexa some cool superhero capes. It is going to be their Christmas gift to one another.  It was a really cute idea, especially since Maxx really is a superhero.   After all, he did save his little sister from running out the door and down the street by herself!  That definitely make him a hero, and I think a hero deserves a special cape. So, that was my project for the day.  I think they came out pretty cute.  What do you think?  Feel free to comment.  Like I've said before I will make anything, so if you want something, just ask!  I can do custom orders of just about anything and I really enjoy it!


Quality Time with my kids

I am an avid reader. I love to read and I know how important reading is, especially to children.  A great way to spend time with your kids is to read to them or with them.  My boys are 8 and 14 now, but still love for me to read to them.  Of course the books I read with them are different than when they were toddlers.  Now they are at the age that I can read classics like Huckleberry Fin or Tom Sawyer.  These books are amazing but not easy to get your child into unless that is, you read it to them.  We've already read those two so now we are reading another great book by Kate DiCamillo called The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  It is about Edward, a china rabbit who is very self absorbed and his owner a sweet girl by the name of Abilene.  Abilene loves Edward but Edward has a lot to learn about love.  We are only on chapter 9, we read a few chapters a night.  It is a great way to wind down after a busy day.  It's a really great way to transform the events of the day to a more calming and soothing time for you and your children.  It's especially nice for us this time of year when we cuddle up in our big arm chair by the Christmas tree and read.  Try it, it will be a lasting memory for both you and your child, guaranteed.  


I might be crazy but I don't care

Last weekend we attended a holiday charity event benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach.  It was a great night full of great food, drink, dancing & holiday cheer to raise money for a very good cause. Upon walking in, we saw him. The cutest little tiny baby beagle puppy in the arms of a young girl volunteering for the event.  Obviously this little pup was there for the live auction and when we laid eyes upon his cuteness we instantly fell in love.  Mind you, we already have two dogs and no desire to add a third but when that auctioneer started babbling his auctioneer chatter, something happened to my arm and it lifted high in the air!  My husband looked at me and I said "Is this ok?"  "It sure is" was his reply.  We were in love with that little beagle the two of us silly dog lovers.  After a few battles back and forth for the cutest auction item of the night, we found ourselves the lucky new owners of this beagle that we now call "Tebow".  We could not bring him home that night as he was only 5 weeks old and needed some more time with his mommy and brothers and sisters.  We did get to visit him yesterday though, to play with him, introduce our kids to him and let him know how we are anxiously awaiting his homecoming.  It would have made a great surprise Christmas present for my boys, but I just couldn't possibly keep such a precious little secret like that from them.  We pick him up on Sunday the 21st of December and I think he will bring some added joy to our home. I can't wait.... Isn't he cute?


Weekly Deal

More blabla kids items on sale!  This week only all blabla items are marked 10% off!  We figured since they are the most popular overall gift item for kids, we would run a special! Don't worry about entering any coupon codes because we have already marked them down to make things easy and there is still plenty of time to order for Christmas! 

Want to know the most popular gift for the ladies on your list?  Our Wristlet Key Ring also now on sale for $11.  Anyone with a set of keys will love one!  

Happy Shopping!

The Shopping-Mall-Free Holiday Shopping Gift Guide – Part Deux (Fab Children’s Gift Ideas)

We have some recent press from the Succulent Wife, who considers our Wristlet Key Ring a "favorite find"  check it out and do some shopping if you feel like it! There are some really great products and some discount codes too so take advantage of them and get some gifts for the holidays.

The Shopping-Mall-Free Holiday Shopping Gift Guide – Part Deux (Fab Children’s Gift Ideas)

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