We've joined the revolution

When we saw these amazingly cool tees by Tiny Revolutionary we had to have them. Yes we know statement tees are all the rage, but these are even more special to us. We were especially drawn to the Soldier of Love Camo Tee. A member of our family is currently fighting in Iraq with the Marines, so this tee just really means a lot to me as I am sure that many of you have loved ones fighting this endless war too. It is a scary world that we live in, but our children have to grow up into it too! Let's teach them to be individuals, speak up for themselves and make the best of this world, their world.

Which leads me to this next tee that speaks for itself "I'll Change the World Someday". This onesie is described as "A reminder to us and to our children, that we are all born with the capacity to influence the world around us, if only we are brave enough. Children are a great way to reconnect with your belief that you are capable of extraordinary things. Remember, it's ok to start small, with, dare we force the pun? Baby steps."

Both tees are printed on super soft, pre-shrunk, Pima cotton with built in, baby-friendly, stretch and recovery. You will be blown away by the way they fit and feel on your little one. They are very true to size so you need not order up a size. Best of all they are Sweatshop-Free!
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