Big Preggo Belly in the Way?

Tired of ruining your maternity shirts and outfits when you sit down to eat a meal?
Keep your clothes free of the inevitable spills and drips that somehow end up on your expanding belly! The Belly Bib is perfect to keep in your purse to cover that glorious belly during lunch, dinner, or anytime!

Belly Bib will pay for itself by saving you in dry cleaning bills in just a few short uses. Assorted colors and fabrics, fun styles for great mommies-to be! No more embarrassing stains on your belly after your lunch break!
One size fits all! Made in the USA

Meet the Mom Behind the Product!

The Big Belly Bib was created by Suzy Prenovost after finding a real need to protect her clothing during her third trimester. Suzy lives in Seattle and is a wife and working mother of two boys with a third on the way. She was frustrated after dripping and spilling practically everything she ate on herself, whether it was the klutzy stage of pregnancy, or just the fact that her projecting belly was a prime target for spills! She solicited the help of Kristen Lemoine, a good friend of Suzy’s sister, and together they designed the Belly Bib! Kristen is an awesome designer and uses such quality fabrics, she sent Suzy the first Belly Bib which she used every day and got great feedback from other Moms who had the same problem when they were pregnant ! So they decided to form a partnership and launch the Big Belly Bib. Suzy and Kristen hope you love the Belly Bib much as they do and your expensive maternity clothes will thank you!!
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