Saving Money: Keep those fruits and veggies fresh

I love fresh vegetables and fruit. We have a great produce market nearby with really low prices on locally grown fruit and veggies. When they opened I realized how much money I would save if I purchased all of our fruits and veggies at the market instead of our usual large chain grocery store. Unfortunately alot of those veggies went to waste if we didn't eat them fast enough, so the whole idea of saving money was well, just a good idea. Until my mother-in-law introduced me to Debbie Meyers Green Bags.
They really work and I love that I can buy all my veggies for the week and know that if we don't cook them right away we can have them the next week.
How they work
The bags absorb the ethelyne gas that is released by the food, which prevents the gas from staying in the fruit, and thus helping your food stay fresher longer.
How to use them
Produce should be DRY before placing in bag. Simply place fresh produce in bags and wash/rinse produce as usual before use. If storing washed produce, be sure to dry thoroughly before inserting in bag. Use one bag for each type of produce. For instance, use a bag for apples, another one for lettuce, another one for pears, etc. Fold over the top of the bag---do not use twist-ties as they make holes.
You can even use them for fresh cut flowers by placing the arrangement in a bag or by placing the bag over the top of the flowers while in a vase.
Where to buy
You can pick your Debbie Meyer's Green Bags up at Target or WalMart for $9.95. They come in a box of 20 and best of all, you can wash and re-use them!
These bags get my vote!

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