Fitness Wednesday: Workout Binder

This past week I learned a fantastic tip to help you stay in shape without getting bored. There are some really great magazines out there (like Fitness & Shape two of my personal favorites) and they always have some really great workouts in each issue. The workouts usually target certain areas to help you reach your fitness goals and tone those problem areas. I have stacks of these magazines and I found that it is very time consuming to search through each issue looking for that perfect workout for that particular area of concern. An acquaintance of mine who happens to do fitness competitions has a very useful idea that I found worthy of passing along. She keeps a large binder that she has divided up into sections like cardio, abs, butt & thighs, arms, chest and back etc. Every time she finds a great workout in a magazine she rips it out and puts it in the binder in it's correct category. It's a fantastic idea and really easy to do! She has tons of really great workouts that target every area of the body and each day she does a different one. It really helps you from getting bored but most of all it keeps your body from plateauing! When you change your workouts on a regular basis you see faster results. I can't wait to start my binder and get rid of all of those magazines. Like this tip? Have one you'd like to share? Let us know and leave a comment.

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