Fall is FULL of Color at www.abbabyboutique.com

From Stroller Liners to Diaper Clutches; Fall at the A.B. Baby Boutique is bursting with color. From the very begining that is what we have been all about! We have always been known to stray from the baby blue and light pink traditional baby looks of the past. We believe in taking our chances with bright bold colors and funky patterns and putting them together with wild, busy patterns. So far it works for us! It's our personality! When we came across these great new products by BabyJakes we knew they'd be a perfect fit for our funky style here at AbBabyBoutique.com. What could be more fitting than these adorable Diaper clutches? In four bright and funky patterns each is sure to delight any new mom. Brighten up your stroller with a fun Stroller Liner or swaddle your baby with love and some really cool patterns with one of the Couture Blankets available in Sassy Giraffe, Hot Pink or Aqua! Come see what is bright, new and exciting at the A.B.Baby Boutique, where style and service are a mouse click away! Free shipping on all order of $99 or more!

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Jen said...

That is adorable!