Reflection of a New Mom

I am a stay at home mom and love every minute of it.  My 2 month old has no choice but to find me amusing all day long.  I have his undivided attention at all times and absolutely love it.  He coos at me and sometimes even finds me funny and will give me a big smile.  He is all mine until Dad comes home.  I have never seen something more beautiful than the looks and smiles he gives his dad after not seeing him all day.  If I am changing his diaper and Dad is in the room his eyes are stuck on him.  Dad and baby spend lots of time together at the end of each day.  Dad will walk him around the house and stop at every fan (because right now that is his entertainment) he just loves fans. Why do babies love fans so much? They don't even have to be on! Fan or no fan, my husband has ways of soothing the baby by rubbing his hair in such a way that I can never seem to get just right.  It is so nice to see the bond that they have and to see what a great dad my husband has become.   

Jessica Peterson

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