Just in our new selection of BabyLegs

If you have not yet gotten hooked on this adorable accessory/necessity let me tell you a little about these fabulous leg (or arm) warmers for infants, toddlers and yes even big kids and adults!

Besides their coolness and fantastic selection of colors and designs these little pairs of fun serve a multitude of purpose!
  • Make diaper changing a breeze
  • Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces when crawling
  • Keep legs warm year round
  • Provide lightweight sun protection
  • Make EC'n & Potty Training easier
  • Jazz up any dance class
  • Make a fun fashion statement with styles for every occasion
  • Have fun with them and wear then on your arms
  • Fits newborn to 10 years old
  • How can you resist them?

BabyLegs are made of a very soft blend of 80% cotton, 15% polyester and a 5% spandex.

We have a great new selection of 17 different styles, so come and check them out. Click here for more info or get a pair or two of you own! They are only $12!

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