My new fabrics are finally here!!!!

My new fabrics just arrived and they are so very cool and funky. I am in love with them and I think you will be too! In fact, I know you will be in love with them.

You know what this means don't you? Well just in case you don't let me tell you what it means.

It means a whole new line of clothing, new bags and new baby and mom essentials. It also means new fabrics for those custom orders you have been dying to place! Custom orders are always an option and with these fabrics I think it is time to get thinking. What do you want made especially for you with these great prints?

A dress or pants set for you little guy or girl? Maybe a new reversible handbag for yourself or a tote? How about a complete co-ordinating baby gift set? The options are endless. Now is your turn to tell me what you think of these AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS FABRICS!!!!

I am waiting for your comments!!!!! Aren't they just YUMMY!!!!

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