What Baby Needs

What baby needs

Let's face it, babies need bibs! They need them whether they are eating or going through the drool phase. Both of my boys were big time droolers and without bibs I would have had to change their top 10 times a day!

Who wants a wet drool ring around the collar not to mention the rash that it can cause on that sensitive baby skin? That baby needs a bib! Why not a really cute one that is handmade, one that they can't pull off and one that looks so cool you won't mind keeping it on?

Our Reversible Drooly Bibs are a great answer. They are handmade, liquid and stain resistant, soft, totally fashionable and close with a plastic snap so baby won't be able to pull them off. With many different fabrics to choose from and many more styles being added daily, you are sure to find the perfect one or two for your little drooler. Don't worry about using them for those messy feedings. Our bibs are generously coated with an invisible stain and mold resistant coating. Just use them and throw them in with your laundry and use them again and again!

Here what our customers have to say about them:

"We love the baby legs, and the drooly bibs are great, my daughter can't pull them off unlike other bibs." ~Kim Imperato, Sayville, N.Y.

"Your reversible bibs are fantastic! The fabrics are beautiful and I love coordinating them with my daughters outfits. They are like a great new accessory and everyone wants to know where I got them! Thanks for such a great product." ~Jennifer Smith, Atlanta, GA

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