Why shop online?

I remember when the whole .com thing started. Shopping online was supposed to be the "biggest thing". I don't know about you but quite frankly it freaked me out. It was just weird and I didn't want to trust these people you could not see to take my credit card information and do as they pleased with it. It was new and scary to me. I wasn't ready for it. So I waited and wondered, why would people buy on-line and give their information to a stranger and then pay shipping when they could just go to the store and get it right then and there and not have to pay shipping or wait or worry about their credit card information (as much). By the way I have no patience so the part about getting it "right now" is totally me. Yes it is a fault of mine.
Well look at me now. How silly I was. Shopping online is the greatest thing! I mean who has time to go to the mall? They are only open from 10am - 8 or 9pm and after working all day that is the last place I want to go. Shopping online is fantastic! You can be in your p.j's at midnight and find the perfect dress or that funky pair of ballet flats you have been ogling. With so many companies offering free shipping or discounted shipping it is so worth it! Credit card security is almost guaranteed anywhere you would "want" to shop and with our busy life styles it just makes sense. If you have a friend or relative having a baby, but say they live like 5 states away you can just shop online at the A.B. Baby Boutique, have it gift wrapped and sent directly to them and you don't even have to do any of the work.
This last holiday season I did ALL of my shopping online. It was perfect, I was done in a day or so and I never fought the mad, crazy lines and pushy, ridiculous shoppers. You know the ones with that scary look in their eye pushing people around buying stupid things that nobody wants just because it is on sale. Not only did I find everything I was looking for, I also came across some great shops I never knew existed.
I love shopping on line. I am thankful to be able to do it. Not only is it great for my shopping splurges (much to the hubby's dislike hee hee hee) but hey, it is now my business; my source of income! Who would have thought the anti-online shopper I was a few years back would not only be shopping online but have her own shop on line boutique?
Crazy I know. Such is life!
So shop online, save gas, save your sanity and get exactly what you are looking for. Oh and do it in your pj's! It is more fun that way and you can shop on-line in my boutique with FREE SHIPPING! I hate paying shipping fees so why should you?

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