When your kids get bored get out the paint

With school about to start, my kids suddenly become almost unmanageable. Too much fun in the summer and not enough structure? You think it would kill them to be home for just one day. They are bored, they have nothing to do (yeah right). So what does a Mom who happens to be an artist with all this crafty stuff at her fingertips do? Does she dare take out the acrylic paints and Oh My Gosh (gasp) let the kids use them? Yes, she does and you know sometimes these little boogers can really surprise her! Oh no did my kids inherit the artsy gene? Yup they did, but hey that is not such a bad thing! Sometimes you just have to channel all that boredom and turn it into creativity. Sometimes it works and sometimes they just make a mess that only Mom can clean up completely. In this case, the art turned out fabulous and yes, Mom has a lot to clean up. You gotta give my little guy credit though he did try. The soap dispenser is proof of that now that it is covered in paint. The sink and counter and drips from the table to the sink are proof that he meant well right! That is all that matters. Throw him in tub (before the mess travels through the entire house) amd give that boy a good scrubbing. You can deal with the mess in the kitchen later because you first have to admire the great works of art your little one created!
These two Picassos are going up on the wall for sure! Not bad for a 6 year old don't you agree? The top is a pirate ship (like Mommy's Painting he says) and the bottom is a car out for a drive!

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