Cute new tees & more by blabla

From the Spring Tee Collection are two very adorable, very fashionable t-shirts from one of our best selling designers, blabla.  You may know them from their handmade knit dolls like Rosalie (we offer those too) which are a big hit with our customers.  These tees are so unique and fit perfectly in our boutique which in turn fits perfectly with you!  I love them paired with the Chinese Pants.  We have a few options to choose from: the pink pants, striped, robins egg or chocolate.  Whichever you choose, will surely complete this comfy outfit that doesn't fall short on style!  The contrast stitching and little side pocket of the Chinese Pant completes the style. Boutique style with a price tag of  under $30 you just can't beat it! 

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