We Love Handmade Jewelry

If I could buy everything handmade that would be just fantastic. When it comes to fashion and accessories handmade is the way to go. It's about showing your artistic side; your unique and individual personality. So much passion goes into the creation of something handmade. There is a story behind each and every piece. It's a story that is created from within and outwardly expressed for all to see, use and enjoy! When you are wearing something handmade, you know it's special. Handmade is a HUGE part of the abbabyboutique because it's what got us started and what we love to do and Patricia Carolyn's handmade jewelry is what it's all about! We love these two new designs, each of course is made by hand.

The Pretty Flower Necklace is available in four color styles: Bright White, Dusty Rose, Deep Purple and Rich gold. Leather cord is available in two colors; black or dark brown and in three different lengths. This necklace looks beautiful worn alone or layered with other necklaces of different lengths. It will surely add a touch of color to your outfit!

I love the craftsmanship and hard work put into each of these pieces. No two pieces are exactly the same.

Another one of my favorites and new to our boutique is this piece by Patricia Carolyn.
The Wish Upon a Star Necklace. It's simple, delicate and perfect for layering. The star is made of pure silver and hand carved and made to be worn at the base of the neck. It is a great everyday necklace and looks perfect on anyone at any age.

So the next time you purchase something handmade wear it with pride and don't forget to set aside some creative time for you too! What talents do you have that when inspired, allow you to create your own works of art?

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