I think most moms can admit that there is nothing cuter than their babies feet.  Well, what happens when your beautiful baby has the case of stinky feet? When I was pregnant I thought about his adorable little baby feet and the day I would finally get to kiss them! Now that he is here I get to kiss those cute square little feet whenever I see them, but I was in for a surprise when I noticed he has stinky feet!  Wow, I didn't know babies had stinky feet!  Maybe it's because I always have him in socks so his feet don't get cold! He was 5 weeks old when I first noticed this and I just couldn’t believe my own nose so I asked my friends and family to confirm my smellings.  To my surprise everyone confirmed I wasn't imagining it.  My enhanced sense of smell wasn't lying to me.  Although he has a very mild case of smelly feet I have come to accept his stinky foot syndrome and still kiss all over them but thought it to be funny that at 5 weeks old my baby has stinky feet. Fittingly, he wears his stinky onesie well and with pride. LOL

Jessica Peterson

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Michelle said...

That's cute. My baby got stinky feet too but only when she didn't wear socks. :)