Introducing a new Mom Blogger for A.B. Baby Boutique

I am proud to introduce you to our newest Mom Blogger Jessica Peterson and her beautiful family! She will be blogging about her experiences as a new Mom, sharing stories, trials and funny blurbs. Feel free to comment and share, laugh, cry, understand & relate as she shares bits and blurbs of everyday life as a Mom! Read her first post below:

Hello my name is Jessica. I am 32 years old and 7 weeks ago I finally got the dream job that I spent 9 months dreaming about. I am finally a M-O-M! So far I have made it through jaundice, formula troubles, projectile vomiting, constipation and now I find myself having to choose how to vaccinate my son. With autism being talked about more and more these days and the speculation of vaccinations possibly playing a part in it, I decided I owed it to my baby to do some research on my own. I have chosen to use an alternative vaccination schedule which will only allow him to receive 1 shot that contains aluminum at a time. Aluminum seems to be what some doctors are concerned about infants getting too much of at one given time. He will still receive all of the vaccinations that are recommended but will have them split up to where he will have to get them once a month instead of every few months. That part of it I do not like but I do feel that we are doing the best we can as parents on our part to hopefully prevent Autism. There has to be something we are doing different that wasn't done when I was growing up because it seems like autism is everywhere. Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe it is in what we are eating now with all of the added hormones, but either way, with a healthy diet and the alternative vaccination schedule I can do my part in preventing this from happening to my son.

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