Do I really want a blog?

Do I really want a blog? I ask myself that question all the time! Apparently I was told that I need one according to my friend Amy! But does anyone really want to see, hear or read what I am up to? Who knows? I guess I shall find out.

I guess you can call me "artsy fartsy" after all, I am always making stuff! Sometimes the things I make turn out great sometimes not so great. So anyway, back in the Spring of 2006 I decided to take my "makings" and open my own boutique. After all, selling them to "other" boutiques was becoming time consuming and since they would have to mark up I would basically find myself making a very slim profit. Why spend an entire day reproducing dozens of the same item, hating it more and more as I cranked them out? Why not open my own
boutique eliminate that middle man, make whatever I wanted? So I did. All is well, I love my store, I love making stuff and I have some really great and loyal customers!

I have once been told, "You NEED to stick with making ONE thing or you will never get anywhere!"

List of Things I do:
  1. Paint-on canvas, furniture, fabric, rugs, walls or just about anywhere. If it can be painted I probably have done it.
  2. Sew-from quilting to clothing, handbags, accessories, drapery, bedding to custom artwork made of fabric etc.
  3. Knit??- I am learning this as we speak, so keep your eye out for my step by step progress.
  4. Illustration
  5. Paper crafts

Yes, I see how it would makes sense for me to do just one thing. However, if you know me, you well know that that is not possible. Besides, if I stuck to one thing, I would hate it and not want to do it! See in my world, I make lots of things all the time. I never get bored, I have fun and I am happy. Besides, most importantly my ADHD has worked out for me. So, let me be all over the place I am having fun!

My friends don't mind and some even really look forward to seeing what I am making. Hey I even get some of them like Jaime to join in on me. She is learning to knit with me. This is hard to do when you are over the phone as was the case last week, while she was in the keys. I was shopping at Target and I was trying to explain over the phone how to start stitches once you have casted on. I don't think my phone instructions worked. I will have to call her to see...

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