What if you could...

Have you ever had a really weird thought, you know the kind of thought that you are thinking, my goodness if anyone ever knew that, that thought entered my mind... or have you ever done something that you really never ever, ever want anyone to know you did it? It doesn't have to be a bad thing, it could just be really embarrassing or it could be a bad thing. It really doesn't matter you just would like to keep that a secret. We all have them and have done them, right? Sometimes you may wish you could tell someone but in fear of their reaction or more importantly in fear of blackmail you just can't tell.
Apparently I found the perfect place for when this happens. For when you just have to tell someone your deep dark or maybe funny stuff! Well you can do that and nobody has to know it was you! Now, mind you I have not yet done this. Notice I say "yet" as I do plan on someday (before I go home to the big pie in the sky) once I decide what crazy thing I want to reveal to the world. Just make a really cool artsy postcard with your secret on it and send it here.
I love reading these. Some are just really sad and make you want to cry. Some don't really say much at all, but you definitely know what they are talking about and some are just absolutely hysterical.
This is one reason why I love the web. There are just so many cool places to see, things to read and people to meet. You can get a piece of what someones life is like without knowing their name. You know their secret but you have no idea who they are, where they live, where they have come from, how they grew up. You just know something and your mind can really wander. So think about that one little thing while I go think of mine...

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