I've been harassed enough...

I have been harassed enough. On Monday I met with my friend and affiliate Angela. She is a fabulous photographer. If you ever want some really beautiful portraits she is your woman! We met at Starbucks where my sister Jacque was kind enough to give us some free joe. We chatted about our upcoming collaborative trunk show (end of March or first weekend in April) and plans etc. Working out the details and such she asked me the question that I have been asked over and over again! "Do you make shopping cart covers?" I said, "Actually I am going to make one today!" that was my deciding moment. For a year now, I have been asked that question from friends, customers and relatives so I decided to just go do it.
So I made my first shopping cart cover and it came out fantastic! I really love it! But, I realized that it won't fit on Costco's carts. So, while buying too much stuff and spending mucho dinero at Costco this weekend, I decided to measure those darn carts. Luckily I was with the husband and he, being a man, had a measuring tape in his truck.
So I did my trial run of my Deluxe Shopping Cart Cover and wallah! It works. So now I will have both up for sale. Depending on their popularity, I will determine to continue making both or just make the Deluxe. After all, it fits on any cart! It is super cute and I wish I had a little baby to use it with!

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