Great website for bigger kids/teens

Boy #1 and I are both sick today so we are being sick together and just chilling out. We both did our shots of really horrible cough medicine and survived that. We are also both artists, so when we are sick it is a great time for us to just sit around and draw or paint. We both have a tablet for our computer, you know the one that you can draw with a special pen and your drawings and artwork go onto the computer screen. So while playing with his tablet this morning, boy #1 found a great website to draw on. But don't worry you can do it with a regular mouse as well you don't need to have a tablet. The website is called Line Rider and you draw a line or slope and bumps etc and then a little guy on a sled rides on your line! It is really cool. He just tried making a loop and the little guy goes up and around. He does end up getting stuck in it though. It is so cute and really neat. Go ahead and give it a whirl, it is quite entertaining. Don't be shy feel free to comment back to let me know if you enjoyed the little sled guy!

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