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One day I got an email from this site called "The Stylehive". I had no idea what this site was, but the email told me that someone entered one of my products into the "hive". Well, I was busy that day and did not get the chance to check it out. About a few days later I get another one of these emails. This time I took a look. Wow, it is a great concept! and double wow, Cool my products were picked by someone. This is a place where you come across THE COOLEST products and gadgets. It really opens your eyes and introduces you to some of the greatest stuff out there! It is also very cool to artsy fartsy people such as myself. How do I explain this site, heck lets just get it straight from them as they explain it better than I could:
"The Stylehive is new kind of website - a collaborative shopping community. It is a place where contributors can work together to share and discover the hottest stores, designers, trends, and must have products.
The Stylehive is a collection of all the best products, brands, designers and stores discovered and tagged by the Hive community.
The Stylehive is the unique product and vision of entrepreneur and CEO Michael Carrier. Michael has enlisted a talented team of technology and online shopping experts who are passionate about making it easier to find the most interesting products, brands, and designers on the web, while providing a simple way to save and share these finds with others.
Based in San Francisco, the Stylehive brings together the distinct worlds of technology and trendsetting fashion, shopping and online retail.
We’ve created tools that enable a community focused on amplifying the “buzz” factor in the online shopping world."
Super cool and you MUST check it out and while you are there, start your own hive! I did! Oh and it's a little confusing at first (at leat it was for me but heck I am a blonde).

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