Top Toys for Two Year Olds

Top Toys for Two Year Olds

Does it feel like you have a mini-version of your local toy store right in your living room? You want your child to have great things to play with, but with the wide array of choices, it can be a challenge figuring out which ones would best benefit your two year old. As it is with many things in life, classics will always serve you and your child well.

It can sometimes be tempting when your child falls in love with a new TV show to run out and get all of the new gadgets to go along with them. Oftentimes these items have a tendency to wind up at the bottom of the toy chest and very rarely played with after the initial rush of having something new. If you are choosy in what you bring home, you will be teaching your child many life-long lessons in regards to commercialism, materialism and clutter.

Below are my top six suggestions for toys that are fun to play with and help in teaching your child age appropriately.

  1. Our own Alphabet Snail Puzzle click here
  2. Lego Blocks: Building towers for the sole pleasure of crashing them down is a favorite pastime for both boys and girls.
  3. View Master: Whether it is Disney Princesses or Dinosaurs, with perhaps some grown-up help in pulling the lever to turn the reel, your child will be fascinated.
  4. Doodle Pro: These come in large for the home and small size for the car. Encourage your child’s inner Picasso.
  5. Melissa & Doug Wood Puzzles: These little finger friendly puzzles appeal to both younger and older children. Make sure you check out the ones with sound also.
  6. Ride-on Activity Cars: There are many themes to choose from including Winnie the Pooh and Tonka Trucks. These are especially great when you have more than one toddler, such as twins. Children have a blast creating all the sounds and racing all around the house.

    It is easy to see why toys like these have been around for years. These six alone encourage creative thinking, motor skills and are just plain fun. They are must-haves that allow for hours of imaginative play and should definitely be part of your stash.

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