I have converted

I’ve converted! I am now a Mac thanks to my wonderful husband who surprised me yesterday with an early Christmas present.   I am officially no longer a PC (not really officially just yet because I need to figure out how to use it for it to be “official”). My sneaky husband snuck out to my car before I left the office yesterday and hid it under my sweater on my passenger side seat!  I found it mid drive while still in my paranoia state from the traumatic incident last week.  I decided I was afraid driving around downtown with my purse visible on my passengers seat so when I grabbed my sweater to cover the purse there it was a cute and very slender MacBook complete with all the programs I need to do all the things I do!  This is also my first laptop as I have been using my hubby’s whenever I needed to be mobile. Now I will be able to get much more work done once I figure this thing out.  It is much different than a pc and I am quickly getting frustrated to say the least.  I want to instantly be able to do everything I want to do and I feel lost at this point.  I just may have to take up Amy or Andie’s offer to give me a tutorial.  Anyone switch to a Mac and have any advice?  I would love to hear your suggestions on where to start.  So far I have my email all set up and my phone and contacts all synched in but that’s about it.  

I also can’t wait to tell you about a very cool project and I am going to teach you how to do it. You will have to check back to find out but here is a hint….it involves a little bit of sewing and a pair of scissors but is very easy to do.

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