A warning to all women

I had an experience yesterday that I feel is extremely important to share. I come from a family of police officers, my dad, my brother, my brother-in-law and even my husband was a police officer before becoming an attorney. I am well schooled on protecting myself and being aware of my surroundings. I grew up with it! Yesterday these things didn’t matter. I was walking to my car after grocery shopping at 2pm.in the broad daylight with people all around. I was pushing my shopping cart carrying my purse on my shoulder tight with one arm on the cart and the other on my purse. I was just about to get to my car when I felt something hitting my leg. It all happened so fast I was not sure what was happening but I did know that a car was hitting me. Within a flash I found myself being dragged by the driver of this car. As he drove by he had reached his arm out the window and grabbed hold of my arm and my purse. I was being mugged while being dragged across the parking lot! Next thing I knew I was facedown on the pavement, shopping cart upside down and groceries scattered all over me. I tried to look up and get a license plate or anything to describe the car but he was gone. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to do anything! Somehow I held that purse because it was still on my arm when I hit the ground. I wasn’t trying to keep my bag I didn’t know what was happening. I thought I was being hit by a car!

Luckily a nice man sitting in his car saw the man drive off and was able to help me give a description of the car and the driver. Another man called 911 for me and a very kind lady put all of my groceries (what was left of them anyway) back in my car. I am so thankful that all I ended up with was some nasty roadrash and two very swollen very black and blue beat up knees. I am also thankful that my children were not with me and I am thankful and know that God was watching over me. Maybe if it hadn’t happened to me it would have happened to an elderly woman who wouldn’t have had the strength to get back up or worse. Thankfully I was able to handle the fall and make out alright.

This world is a scary place and getting worse every day. The economy is very bad and we are all feeling the pinch. Unfortunately some people choose to victimize others. With things the way they are and the holiday shopping season here we need to be extra careful! Thieves and thugs are out there and waiting to prey on anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Things I learned yesterday:

  • NEVER walk with your purse on the side where a car can drive by and grab it
  • Try to have someone with you when you go shopping (If I had let the bagger at Publix take the cart out for me this probably wouldn’t have happened)
  • Thank God for his protection each and every day

Things I plan to do to further protect myself:

  • Take photocopies of all my credit cards so that if I do get my purse stolen I can quickly call and report them all
  • Carry cash, credit card and driver’s licence in a pocket (don’t even carry a purse) so to not have anything visible to entice a thief
  • Do most of my Christmas Shopping online: I am too freaked out to shop in person right now and it does make things much easier.

What do I want you to do? Post this on your blog, link to it whatever. Tell all of your friends and family. It doesn’t hurt to be reminded to be on the lookout and it doesn’t hurt to take a few extra precautions to ensure your safety during the holiday season and anytime!

Be safe and be smart!


MarieLynn Boutique said...

I'm so sorry that this happened to you! Thanks for the advice too! I am usually really good at thinking of "what would I do if...", but I never thought of this scenario. I am so glad to hear that you are ok.

BoboClips said...

Never thought about it, but I will also use your advice. Thank God you are ok.

BoboClips said...

Never thought about it, but I will also use your advice. Thank God you are ok.