Superhero Capes

My favorite customer and friend, Ale wanted me to make her son Maxx and daughter Alexa some cool superhero capes. It is going to be their Christmas gift to one another.  It was a really cute idea, especially since Maxx really is a superhero.   After all, he did save his little sister from running out the door and down the street by herself!  That definitely make him a hero, and I think a hero deserves a special cape. So, that was my project for the day.  I think they came out pretty cute.  What do you think?  Feel free to comment.  Like I've said before I will make anything, so if you want something, just ask!  I can do custom orders of just about anything and I really enjoy it!


CareyAnn said...

I have already blown my budget for Christmas, but they are definitely on my list for two future birthdays! :)

Kristen Lemoine said...

Thanks CareyAnn! They were really fun to make. I love making special things for people. It's nice to know that you are creating something specifically for a purpose or to fulfill someone's wish. :) Merry Christmas!