Healthy Tip Wednesday

It's 2009 and since most of us have some sort of resolution to get healthier, get in better shape, eat better or just be more active, I have decided to add a health and fitness tip each week.  As a competitive gymnast for most of my childhood and teen years, I am no stranger to the gym.  Working out has been a huge part of my life since the age of 5.  I am lost without it and when I do skip my workouts I can feel it both mentally and physically.  Working out just 30 minutes a day can improve your mental health more than you can imagine.  It also improves your energy level.  I find myself so sluggish on the days I miss my workouts which is a great reason to not miss my workouts, but if you are just starting out your main goal is getting to the gym or getting the motivation to do something active.  Here are a few suggestions.  

  1. Find a workout buddy (friend, neighbor, hubby, kids)
  2. Decide where you are going to exercise whether at a fitness facility or at your home.  Vigorous walking & biking with a buddy or neighbor can make your workouts at home seem like you are not working out at all!  
  3. Change it up so you don't get bored
  4.  Make a schedule and stick to it
  5. Start slow, you don't want to injure yourself
  6. Don't forget to warm up and cool down
  7. Have fun, it's your time! Enjoy it!
Feel free to comment with your tips and ideas so we can all get in shape together and encourage one another to stick to it!

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