Grandparents Day! Yes it is a day!

Sunday September 9 is Grandparents day. Did you know that? Either did I until last weekend while in a kids favorite stuff a bear store (you know the one). There was a sign that said Sunday Sept. 9 is grandparents day! So research a bit I did and yes believe it or not it really does exist. A woman by the name of Marian McQuade came up with the idea to set aside a day for grandparents so that it would encourage families to visit the elderly. In 1978 this idea reached the White House and there you have it, National Grandparents Day!

This Sunday, take your kids to visit Grandpa & Grandma or Nana & Papa or Me Ma and Pop Pop. Whatever they call them, give them a special gift! Some time with their grandchildren! If you can't take them there than give them a call! It will make them smile for sure!

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