My Choice to be a Stay at Home Mom by Denise Vetter

The decision to stay at home is harder for some than others. There are so many reasons why we should or why should not stay at home. For me it was a matter of the heart. I had tried to have children for ten years. Then finally I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Three years later a beautiful baby boy. Two years later, to my surprise another beautiful baby girl . Pretty good for someone who thought she would never have any children.

My husband was a Police Officer when the children were babies. His job entailed different tours of duty. So there were times when our days were nights and our nights were days. Special details would take him away for a few days and I would take on the job of a single mom. Throughout the years I questioned my decision to stay at home Usually this would come over me when money was tight. But I always felt my family came first. Days when there was not enough time, not enough energy and not enough money, would make anyone wonder why they made such a choice.

We are all faced with these things.

There was one thing I knew I had plenty of and that was LOVE. That kiss goodnight - that smell of powder so soft and sweet. I can still see those tiny hands and tiny feet. For they are my precious stars that still shine so bright in my heart. They are life's true miracles...

Note: It was in 1976 when I made the decision to be a stay at home mom. When women's lib was at its peak. Most of my friends juggled both worlds. Some had to - others wanted to. Me, I'm forever grateful. I heard my little one's first words (even though they all said DADA first) and I held out my arms while they made their first steps. Yes, I was fortunate to be with them in all their ups and all their downs. Of course none of this has anything to do with being a good mom. It is just a benefit that we choose to make. One that we will always remember and know one can take away. Before I forget, I have two new shinning stars glowing brightly in my heart. Andy and Brennan my grandsons. I do believe moms and grand moms have endless love...

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