Who knew learing your times tables could be so fun!

Isn't it amazing how kids (and adults too) can memorize the words to hundreds of songs but when it comes to learning Math we can barely remember our times tables! When we learned the alphabet, we learned it by singing along to a tune why not do the same to learn our times tables! Now you can says Ms. Robinson who is a certified math teacher who holds a master's degree in Innovative Teachings in Mathematics. As a teacher in the classroom, she has created innovative techniques in order to help her students achieve a better understanding of math concepts. During her first half hour of class, Ms. Robinson will give her lecture, but during the second half hour of class, she would play music for her students while they completed their classroom assignments. This will keep the students quite and seated throughout the rest of the class hour.
Everyone loves hip hop, and some say hip hop is dead. Actually, it was asleep, and Ms. Robinson woke it up with her new CD HipHop Tables.

HipHop Tables focuses on all of the times tables from 1 through 12. It gets kids up and moving while learning their multiplication tables. Ms. Robinson stresses that it is very important to memorize your times tables in order to complete your math test faster. Especially during standardized testing because the calculator will slow you down.

You can listen and purchase HipHop Tables by visiting Ms. Robinson's website http://www.hiphoptables.com/

Get ready to dance because Ms. Robinson knows how to make learning your times tables fun!

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